Jim Quinn began his racing career in 1991. In 1994, Jim decided it would be fun and challanging to put together a competitive race team.  He began racing in the street stock division  at  Farmer City Raceway.  In 2011, Jim will begin his 16th year of racing street stocks. Jim also spent one year racing in the sportsman division. Jim has won 6 Track Championships: 5 at Farmer City in 1999, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 and 1 at Lincoln Speedway in 2004.


Jim Quinn's first heat race win came at Farmer City Raceway in 1997. His first feature win came at Farmer City in 1999.  Jim won his first Track Championship at Farmer City in 1999. In 2004 Jim won the Inaugural Street Stock Championship at Lincoln Speedway.  In  2006 Jim won the Track Championship at Farmer City and finished 11th in UMP national points and 3rd in the UMP state points. Jim repeated his championship run at Farmer City winning the track championship in 2007 as well. In 2008, Jim went for the 3-peat and was successful, winning the track championship for the 3rd yr in a row at Farmer City. It was 4-in-a-row in 2009 as Jim won the 2009 Street Stock Championship at Farmer City.

-Building a brand new racecar from the frame up in less than one month in 2008 and winning the Farmer City Track Championship in it!

-Winning the feature 3 weeks in a row at Farmer City in 2007.

-Setting the track record in street stock qualifying at Farmer City - 15.690 set on 07/20/07

-Winning Quinn's Towing night at Farmer City in 2007 in it's 3rd year, after not finishing the race in the first two events.

-Starting 24th, out of 24 cars, in the feature on the last night for points in 2006 at Farmer City and driving to a 4th place finish to win the championship by 7 points.

-Winning 2 features and a heat race in one night at Farmer City Raceway

-Winning a heat race and feature his first time ever racing at Macon Speedway

-Winning  a heat race and feature his first time ever racing at Lincoln Speedway

-Racing three wide in a photo finish checkered flag win

-Finishing in the top 10 in points at Farmer City 14 years in a row in street stock and one year in sportsman

-Racing at the following tracks: Farmer City, Lincoln, Macon, Fairbury, Danville, Charleston, Lasalle,  Boswell, IN, and Highland.

Yearly Results

2011: Raced 19 nights total
          Heat Wins:  4
          Top 5 Feature Finishes: 6
2010: Raced 7 nights total
           Feature Wins:  2
           Heat Wins: 1
           Top 5 Feature Finishes: 1
           Was 4th in points at Farmer City when the track closed suddenly in July.
2009: Feature Wins: 4
       Heat Wins: 6 
           Top 5 Feature Finishes: 8
           Farmer City Track Champion
2008:   Feature Wins:    4   Heat Wins:  10
           Top 5 Feature Finishes: 12   Top 10 Feature Finishes:  3
           Farmer City Track Champion
2007:   Feature Wins:    5   Heat Wins:  6
           Top 5 Feature Finishes:  9 Top 10 Feature Finishes:  1
           Farmer City Track Champion
2006:  Feature Wins - 7, Heat Wins- 14, UMP State - 3rd, UMP National -11th
             Farmer City Track Champion

2005: Feature Wins - 2, Heat Wins- 7
            4th in Points at Farmer City

2004:  Feature Wins - 8, Heat Wins - 18
             Lincoln Speedway Inaugural Track Champion
             2nd in points at Farmer CIty

2003:   Heat Wins - 5, Trophy Dash Wins -1
              4th in Points at Farmer City

2002:  Heat Wins - 3, Trophy Dash Wins - 3, Semi-Feaure wins 2
             5th in points at Farmer City

2001:   Raced Sportsman this year and finished 9th in points

2000:   3 heat wins and a trophy dash win at Farmer City
              4th in points at Farmer City
             1 Feature win at Macon

1999:   Feature Wins:   3, Heat Wins 9, Trophy Dash Wins 6
             1999 Farmer City Track Championship

1998:   Heat Wins:   2,    Trophy Dash Wins 2
             7th in points at Farmer City

1997:   Heat Wins:   1, (first heat win) Trophy Dash Wins:   3
             4th in points at Farmer City (Used 3 motors to do this!)

1996:   Bought a house and did not race

1995:   Raced one night an totaled the car!

1994:   First Year of Competive Racing

1993:   Did not race

1992   Race a white nova a couple of times

1991   Raced a red nova and shared driving duties with one other driver



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