March 19, 2013

Things will be a little different this year for the Quinn Racing Team.

For starters, it was an emotional day in February when the 72/82 racecar pulled out of the shop on someone elses trailor.  Yes, we have sold the race car. The last time Jim did not have a car to race was when his 21 year old daughter Carrie Ann was in kindergarden. Still raced some that year. In 2008, Jim thought about retiring But thanks to Bud and Heidi at Decatur Used Cars, Rick Alwood, Farmer City Napa and Dee Dee we were able to race and win. Words cannot describe how grateful we all are for all the years and all the support and the wounderful memories. THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us through-out all our years of racing.

With no motor and no race car Jim will not be racing a car from his shop this year. If you have a car that needs a driver let us know, Jim still has a helmet and suit. .

The girls do have a new hornet car that they can't wait to get out on the dirt this year. Look for pics of there new hot rod soon. 

While we do not have a car to race at Farmer City, we are excited to announce that we have teamed up with the Farmer City Fair Board who will be running Farmer City Raceway this year. Jim will be working in the pit area to insure things go smoothly. His main interest will be in safety and entertainment, that's what racing is, entertainment. Our family has a long history of being involved with the track and we  hope to make sure our  children and grand children will remain proud. Things at the track are ready to get going and we hope to have one more big announcement before the start of the season. Check out http://www.farmercityracing.com/ for the 2013 schedule that starts with the always exciting Illini 100 on April 5th and 6th.

Be sure to check back to see how the girls do in their hornet, if Jim ends up making some laps around the track this year, and for Dee-Dee's always entertaining racing recaps. Thanks again for all of your support over the years.

8/30/13-Tonight was the last night of racing at Farmer City for the 2013 season. That was one fast summer. Before we get to the recap I would say thank you to everyone who spent countless hours working in all capacities at Farmer City raceway this season to make sure we the fans saw a full season of racing. Several of these people are my family members or friends and I saw first hand all it take make a racetrack work. Thanks to you all for your efforts.

Now on to the racing, it was the AMS Modified special with the $3,000 to win the modified feature, the Late Models feature paid $2,000 and the street stock feature the final class of the night paid $500 to win. There were 18 Late Models, 42 Modifieds in attendance.

First up was qualifying for all three classes. 42 McKay Wenger had the fast times in late models with a 12.92. D1 Lance had the fastest time in modifieds but I don't have his time. The street stocks also qualified. Jim set the street stock track record at Farmer City in 2007 with a 15.69. Here are the times from last night for the 21 Street Stocks that qualified:

18 Billingsley 16.39, 97 Griffith 16.50, 22 Wright 16.14, 19T Thrasher 16.67, 23 Johnson 16.74

7 Matt Maier had the fast time for street stocks with a 15.84. 99 M Maier 16.06, 13 Smith 16.16, 11 Semmons 16.30, 99K Krick 15.86

15 Heatherington 17.36, 42 Simmons 16.11. 15 Gaus 16.35, 51 no time, 19 Lilly 18.90, 9 Miller 16.08, 2% Clubb 16.54, 33B Berbaum 16.45, 22 Dick 16.25, 14 Piffer 17.75

Modified heat winners were Nick Allen, Jeff Curl, Jeff Leka and Matthew Mevert. Chad Kinder and Donovan Lodge won the semi's. 3L Jeff Leka took home the $3,000 for winning the feature followed by Matthew Mevert.

Late Model heat winners were Joe Harlan and McKay Wenger, Harlan also won the dash. B5 Brandon Sheppard won the $2,000 to win feature followed by Bobby Pierce, McKay Wenger, and Scott Bull.

Street Stock heat winners were Matt Maier and Jarred Krick. Krick also won the caution filled feature which took and long time to run and brought out lots of emotions. He was follwed by Jason Maier, Terry Miller, Eric Gaus, and Nick Clubb.

That's the report from the infield and the bus on the back stretch. Thanks to all the drivers who showed up all season to participate and the fans in the stands who watched the fun all season long. Have a safe off-season and thanks for visiting this site.

8/9/13-It was another fun night at Farmer City. The season is winding down, with only 1 night left. There are no races for the next two weeks at Farmer City. Make plans to attend the final night of the season Friday, 30th.

The track was awesome last night which made for some fast, side-by-side racing that was fun to watch.

For my complete recap of the night check out: http://www.midwestdirttrackfacts.com/

To view my street stock feature video in which 7 Matt Maier drives from 10th to first go here:


Congratulations to last nights feature winners: Late Models Z Joe Harlan, Modifieds D1 Lance Dehm, Sportsman 21 Troy Dodson, Street Stocks 7 Matt Maier, and Hornets 40 Adam Webb.

Last night was the last night for points at the track, congratulations to the 2013 Track Champions:

83 Scott Bull in Late Models, D1 Lance Dehm in Modifieds, 99 Jimmy Dehm in Sportsman, 99K Jerrad Krick in street stocks, and 40 Adam Webb in Hornets.

Check out http://www.farmercityracing.com/ for official results and make plans to attend the next night of racing action on August 30th.

7/19/13-It was another fun night at Farmer City. The season is winding down, with 3 nights left. There are no races next weekend at Farmer City as it is Prarie Dirt Classic weekend at Fairbury. Make plans to attend on Friday August 2nd.

Here is my recap of what you missed last night: http://www.midwestdirttrackfacts.com/2013/2013fcb.htm

Here is a video of last night's street stock feature: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioPBqNzq2f4

This week was the Farmer City/Dewitt Co fair and Thursday night was the demo derby. Here are the videos from that event:

80's wire class, congrats 0 Chris Manning on the win: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYKb2u5f_d4

Compact Cars, congrats Jesse Smith on the win: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1fcXAMex4c&feature=c4-overview&list=UUN_S_hizYyfZTgn-HW2IHLA

Raminator Monster Truck: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZAAs2NQApc&feature=c4-overview&list=UUN_S_hizYyfZTgn-HW2IHLA


7/12/13-Another great night of racing action at Farmer City. If you have not been you need to make plans to attend, the racing action has been fantastic this year. If you were there last night save your general admission arm band to get $2 off admission next week. Congrats to 83 Scott Bull, D1 Lance Dehm, 97 Josh Griffith, and Mitch Wesmiller on their feature wins. Here is a video of the street stock feature.


Coming up this week it's the Farmer City Dewitt County Fair. This coming Thursday night, 7/18/13, is the Demolition Derby with an appearance by the Raminator monster truck. Classes and Payout are:

80's wire class: $700 to win, $300 for 2nd and $200 for 3rd, Mini-Van and Compact classes will both pay $300 to win, $150 for 2nd, and $75 for 3rd.

There is a $50 entry fee which includes the drivers pit pass. Pit Pass: $25. Make plans to attend this exciting night at the fair!


Happy Birthday Jim and Carrie Quinn!!!!

7/5/13 - If you were not at Farmer City Raceway tonight you missed some really great racing action, a birthday celebration on the bus, and some of the best fireworks I have seen in years. I will post a full update tomorrow but did want to congratulate 7 Matt Maier on his 1st street stock feature win and 83 Scott Bull on his Late Model feature win. More results tomorrow after my garage sale. :)


6/14/13-Here is a quick recap from Farmer City last night:

To honor Gary Cook Jr, Terry Miller changed his car # to 64 and brought it to Farmer City last night. Terry won the Street Stock Trophy Dash and feature at Farmer City. 13 Jordan Smith and 7 Matt Maier won the heats. There were 16 SS.

The nights other feature winners were 89 Darren Friedman in a last lap pass over 83 Scott Bull in Late Models. D1 Lance Dehm in Modifieds, 99 Jimmy Dehm in Sportsman and 40 Adam Webb in Hornets.

The track was is GREAT shape, shout out to all that worked hard to get it that way and to all the drivers who participated and fans who watched. Fun night!

06/08/13 - I finally got to go racing last night! Thanks mother nature for cooperating. Last night was the street stock special at Farmer City. The feature paid $500 and $60 to start, there was extra cash for the fastest qualifier, first and second non-qualifiers, and the hard charger. 31 Street Stocks came out to participate. The got to take one lap qualifying and Jarred Krick had the fast time of the night with a 15.94. Here are the qualifying times:

15 Heatherington 19.44, 9 Miller 16.24, 330 Burton 17.04, 42 Simmons 16.40, 289 Sauder 16.36, 18 Billingsley 16.27, 50 McNeese No Time, 57 Kessinger 16.25, 46 Wilson 16.65, 17 Burns 17.83

52 Drake 16.54, 22 Dick 16.89, 20 Ewing 16.60, 99 Krick 15.94, 13 Smith 16.14, 26/28? Waters 16.42, 38 Barnes 16.53, 10 Rhoades 18.96, 11 Simmen 16.32

7 Qusak 16.76, 61 Nichols 15.97, 31 Orrick 16.24, 16 Reed 16.72, 7 Maier No Time, 47 Johnson 17.39, 64 Rodgers 18.69, 69 Maier 16.12, 22 Wright 17.09, 99X Qusak 16.54, 37 Schooner 16.64.

It was an awesome night for street stocks, my favorite class. There were 4 heats of streets and here is a recap:

Heat 1: Terry Miller wins followed by Jerrad Krick,

Heat 2: Jeremy Nichols led for a long time before loosing a right rear tire, 31 Orrick went onto win in a close race over 289 Sauder.
Heat 3: 57 Brandon Kessinger wins

Heat 4 David Billingsley wins.

Semi Feature-13 Jordan Smith wins, 37 Schooner, 42 Simmons, and 47 Johnson make it to the feature

Feature: This was a long caution filled event, the first caution came on lap one when 9 Terry Miller spun going into 2 bunching up several cars and everyone continued for the restart. There were lots of cautions in this one but Terry Miller led every lap and did a great job on all the restarts. 57 Brandon Kessinger was 2nd, Jason Maier 3rd, and Jarred Krick 4th.

Street Stock Feature Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_z4GZsQnqY&feature=youtu.be

Late Models, Modifieds, Sportsman and Hornets also raced. Feature winners in those classes were 9 Eric Smith Late Models, 99J Jimmy Dehm Sportsman, D1 Lance Dehm Modifieds, and 14K Shane Kelly Hornets.

It was a fun night of racing, thanks mother nature for cooperating. These are my unofficial results from the bus on the backstretch, for official results see http://www.farmercityracing.com/

The Quinn family is continuing to keep Gary Cook Jr and his family in our prayers!

No recap from, 5/24/13 since I wasn't there. Congrats to 75 Billy Drake, 22s Chad Kinder, 01 Dustin Mounce, 13 Jordan Smith, and 14K Shane Kelly on your feature wins!

4/27/13-After two weeks of rainouts we finally got to go racing at Farmer City. It was the Douglas Dodge 50, a 50 lap Late Model Race that paid $5,000 to win. The track was really fast and there was great racing in both the heats and the Features. Congratulations to Jason Feger, Jamie Lomax, Jordan Smith, and Dion Smith the feature winners of the night.

Instead of typing all about it you can read the recap I created on the night here: http://www.midwestdirttrackfacts.com/2013/2013fca.htm

I finally got a new video camera. As a supporter of the support classes I usually video tape the Street Stock and Hornet features and put them on YouTube. Tonight I taped the heat races too to test out the new camera. Here are my UNofficial videos from the bus on the backstretch.

Street Stock Heat Race: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVZOyQrgVxw

Street Stock Feature: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21hMlyaI19s

Hornet Heat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxTM8He3xH4

Hornet Feature: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziQK8bo6pKU

To check out photos from the night check out: https://www.facebook.com/#!/DoublejPhotos or http://www.doublej.us

That should keep you up-to-date on all that you missed last night at Farmer City Raceway. For official results check out http://www.farmercityracing.com/



After two weeks of rainouts and two track specials, it is time for the Spring Fling!

Next week 5/3/13 at Farmer City Raceway!

Late Models, Modifieds, Street Stocks and Hornets!

Check out http://www.farmercityracing.com/ for more info on these events.

Also on Facebook at Farmer City Raceway and Twitter @FCRaceway


What a weekend! The 2013 Illini 100 racing weekend is in the books and it was a fun weekend of racing at Farmer City! A huge congratulations to 25 Jason Feger, his crew, and family on his Illini 100 win. The first Illinois driver to take home an Illini 100 win and the $20,000 cash. We have been Feger Nation fans since Jason's Sportsman days and its fun to see him do so well.

Jim spent his first weekend on the "other-side" of racing helping to run the track as pit steward and over seeing on track activity. He has been working hard to learn the "ins and outs" of this new role. He was very busy over the three days of World of Outlaws Illini 100 racing. Overall, it was a great experience for him and he is looking forward to continuing in this role as Farmer City Raceway opens their regular season this Friday night 4/12/13.

There were 3 nights of activity at the track starting with Thrusday 4/4/13. This was the practice session. There were over 30 late models there for practice, the track was way fast and it was clear that night that Jason Feger and Devin Shickel had that 25 car ready-to-go as it was bad fast and flying in practice. The most interesting thing I saw on Thursday night was the large number of campers already at the track, fun to see and I bet they had a great time catching up after the long off-season. Another interesting site was the person with a fire-pit in the back of their golf cart! Here is a link to Double J Photos pics from practice:


For all official results from this weekend's events be sure to go to http://www.farmercityracing.com/ and click on the Results tab.

Friday 4/5/13 was raceday and when I got the track at 4:30p.m. the place was PACKED already. It was an interesting night of people watching for sure. Jim was busy running things in the Pits and on the track, Cheye and Shaila helped out driving the push trucks, I helped out taking money at the pit gate for a bit and then it was race time. I headed to the bus to watch the racing action. Late models, modifieds, street stocks and hornets were racing tonight and they all put on a great show.

Bloomington's own Jason Feger, Shane Clanton of GA, Tim Fuller of NY, and Josh Richards of WV won the late model heats.

Lance Dehm, Jacob Poel, Jamie Lomax and Chad Kinder won the Modified heat races.

Josh Frye and Jordan Smith won the street stock heats and Frye went on to win the feature. Here is my video of that:


Adam Webb and Joe Reed won the hornet heat races and Webb went on to when the feature. Here is my video of that:


Not the world's greatest videos but I haven't been camera shopping yet. :) Here is a link to Double J's Photos from Friday night:


Saturday 4/6/13 we started the day at the Blue Ridge Softball double header watching Shaila and Cheye play ball, good news they won both games! Then it was on to Dewey's for lunch and the Late Model simulator, then Lindsey, Madison, and I went to a movie, and Emily had a birthday sleepover. Did I mention we are busy people. Oh yeah, it was also ILLINI 100 day!

I got to the track just in time for the National Anthem. Once again the place was packed, I'd say with the number of campers, RV's (some with TV's bigger than at my house), golf carts, 4 wheelers, Mules, and Gators I saw that economy recovery is in full-swing. Now on to the races:

First up were two last chance races for the late models. The top 3 from each went onto the Illini 100. The following made it from the first race: Eric Wells, Clint Smith, and Derek Chandler. These 3 made it from the second race: Bub McCool, Ryan Unzicker, and Brian Shirley.

Next up were the modified last chance races and the top 2 from each race made it to the Illini 50. Dale Matison and Donovan Lodge made it from the first race. Danny Schwartz and Justin Leka made it from the 2nd race.

The Street Stocks were the final class of the night. There were 17 of them in 2 heats. Jerrad Krick and Jeff Simmons were the heat winners.

After some track prep, as the rain drops started to fall (thankfully they stopped), it was feature time. First up, the Illini 100. Brian Birkhoffer and Jason Feger started on the front row. Jason Feger took off to lead every lap of the 100 lap race. It was exciting to watch has he manuvered through lots of lap traffic, Billy Moyer getting close on more than one occassion, and several restarts. Jason did a great job and the whole place went crazy when he took the Illini 100 checkered flag. He was followed by Billy Moyer, Brian Birkhoffer, Shane Clanton and Scott James.

Next up was the Illini 50. Lance Dehm and Jacob Poel started on the front row of this one but it was Jeff Leka who took off for an early lead and looked like he was going to win the whole thing before he got a flat tire. Lance Dehm led after that and Joey Jensen was trying to take the lead, but in the end it was Nick Hoffman who went on to take the checkered flag and the $5,000 to win. He was followed by Dehm, Jensen, Danny Schwartz who started 18th, and Jamie Lomax.

The street stocks were the final show of the night as the place was clearing out. Those who left early missed a great race. Jeff Simmons and Jerad Krick started on the front row and Krick took off for the lead and led several laps before getting booted of the back stretch, he may have had a mechanical issue as he did not return to the track. Terry Miller started 9th and was making his way to the front when he ran out of laps, in the end Jordan Smith took the win followed by Miller, Jeff Semmons, Jesse Simmons, and Darrell Dick.

Here is a link to Double J Photo's pics from Night 2 of the Illini 100:

http://doublejphotos.smugmug.com/FarmerCity2013/ILLINI-100-Day-2ere's link to the World Outlaws Late Model's recap of the night:


It was a great weekend of racing and we had a lot of fun. We want to send our sympathies to Jeff Leka and his family in the loss of his father and send a shout-out to last years Illini 50 winner Gary Cook Jr, we are praying for you!

That's the report from Dee-Dee on the bus on the backstretch, all opinions are soley my own.

Happy 12th birthday on Tuesday the 9th to Jim's daughter Emily.

See you Friday at the Spring Fling.



This week is the....

ILLINI 100 at Farmer City Raceway!!!

Practice on Thursday 4/4/13 at 6:00 p.m.

Friday 4/5/13 is the first night of racing: Late Models, Modifieds, Street Stocks and Hornets will be racing.

Saturday 4/6/13 is the $20,000 to win ILLINI 100: Late Models, Modifieds, and Street Stocks will be racing.

Check out http://www.farmercityracing.com/ for more info on these events.

Also on Facebook at Farmer City Raceway and Twitter @FCRaceway

Check out http://doublej.us/ for photos of the event.

Here's a pic Double J Photos took Saturday 3/30/13 of Jim working hard at the track practice:


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