2012 Results

Thanks to our 2012 Sponsors

After 4 years the car will have a new body, paint job, and graphics! As you may recall the engine was in need of some attention at the end of last season, well, hopefully we have fixed that with a major rebuild going on now at the Quinn Racing shop.

We couldn't do all this without sponsors and we are excited to announce that we have a few new sponsors this year as well as continued support from some long time sponsors. Thanks to the following for all of there help:

Main St. Insurance and Real Estate

American Graphx

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Redline Gutters

Schmidts Welding

Farmer City Napa

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Rick Alwood

Quinn's Towing and Auto Repair

If you would like to add your name to this list, let us know. Make plans to visit Farmer City Raceway soon to watch the Quinn Racing Team car in action.


2012-This year the Quinn Racing car has had a new body put on, paint job, and new graphics added. As you can see, that's not all that new...we also have a new number this year, 72! 2012 is a tribute year for Quinn Racing. Growing up we spent many summer nights watching our dad Mike Quinn participate in many demo derbies around the area. He was very successful in his #72 car wining many events. A lot of fun times and Dad has been a big help to the race team over the years so we are paying tribute to him. Be sure to click on the Photo Gallery link and check out the 72 Mike Quinn Demo Car Album.


August 31, 2012-Well we haven't made it to any other tracks lately. We have no motor and the driver has broken ribs after a spectacular crash on his 4-wheeler, sorry no video of this great ride. Thanks to Double J Photos we do have new photos that we will get added on here soon. In the meantime, check out www.artbydirt.com to see some awesome art made with only motorcycle parts. Thanks for visiting.

August 11, 2012-It was announced this week that racing for the season at Farmer City is over. We had a lot of fun there this year and look forward to the 2013 season. As we currently do not have a motor in the 72 car, check back to see if we make it to any of the other tracks in central IL this season. Thanks to everyone who has helped out with the 72 car this year and, as always, thanks for visting the site.

August 5, 2012-There have not been races at Farmer City for the past two weeks, they are working to address some safety concerns and hope to be back racing this Friday. Jim is working to put together a motor for the 72 car and is hoping ot have it back at the track soon. Check back to see how that goes. Thanks for visiting.

July 13, 2012-It's Friday and while the 72 car will not be at the track tonight we have had a very busy week at the racetrack! The 72 car is in need of motor and we currently do not have one, but that hasn't kept us from having fun at the track. 

This week was the Farmer City/Dewitt County fair and there was action at the track 3 nights this week. Here's a look at all of that. Wednesday was race night with Street Stocks, Hornets, Sportsman and a Faster Pastor race. Here are videos from those races, please keep in mind they are not professional and done for fun:

Street Stock Feature: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DvUi-wKE5U&feature=plcp

Sportsman Feature:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWGcUezDhpw&feature=plcp

Hornet Feature:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtTpQVzp_mI&feature=plcp

Faster Pastor Race:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAeqtSpFaMg&feature=plcp

Street Stocks and Hornets also got to qualify. Jim has the track record for street stocks at Farmer City that he set in July of 2007 and that time was at 15.690. Here are the times from Wednesday nights qualifying:

Street Stock Times:  38 Darrel Dick 16.04. 11 Jeff Simmons 16.28, M80 Nick Mantalta 16.37, 57 Bradon Kessinger 16.23, 2X Tim Dick 16.52, 38M Nick Macklin 15.90, 47 Eric Wilson 16.90, 7 Matt Maier 16.90, 22D Chris Dick 16.48, 20 George Ewing 16.24, 31 Wayne Orrick, no time.

Hornet Times:  20H Larry Hawk 18.65, 77 Zack Bollinger 18.81, B5 Tyler Benson 18.47, 14 Paul Thorson 19.22, 40 Adam Webb 18.00, K2 Geno Kalb 19.05, 3R Joe Reed 18.51, 83 Brian Wilson 18.66, 14K Shane Kelly 18.29, WFO Tyler Etherton 18.97, 3 Greg Tunnel 18.35, X Dion Smith 18.11, 47 Jim wilson 18.50, 330 Chris Burton 18.74, 4 Mark Amenda 21.93, 15 Davis Lauritson 18.18, 13 Matt Musgrave 18.70,     24B Kenny Butterfield 17.81, 0A Bob Althouse 18.51. 8Up Trisha Burton, no time.

Feature winners for the night were SS 57 Brandon Kessinger, Sportsman H6 Ben Hulse, and Hornets 24B Kenny Butterfield. The Faster Pastor race was a great race the winner was driving 83 Brian Wilson's car, I did not get his name but he did a great job.

Thursday night was the Motorcycle and ATV racing and the Quinn's Towing Demoltion Derby. I have lots of info on the demo derby and no info on the Motorcycle and ATV races.    Here are the videos from the demos, once again they are not professional and done for fun:

Big Car Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOY4MMaqv_E Congrats to Greg McCoy on the winner.

Compact Car Demo featuring Quinn Towing's own Jesse Smith in the 911 car:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RMk4Tiw0dg Congrats to Nathan Beebaum on the win.

Powder Puff featuring Jim's daughters Shaila in the 33 and Cheye in the 11, Ashley Scott is in the 114.        http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3AvW7wEAoE&feature=plcp                                         Congrats Ashley Scott on the win.

There was also a grunge match demo and the 1079 car won that event.

Here is a link to over 300 pictures of the event, thanks Double J Photos!


Thanks to everyone who came out and helped Jim put on the demo!

Friday night was the Farmer City Pride 50 lap late model race that paid $5,000 to win. They also ran Street Stocks, Modifieds, and Hornets. Congratulations to 25 Jason Feger on winning the late model feature and the $5,000! The other feature winners for the night were 12 Jeff Curl in Modifieds, 42 Jesse Simmons in street stocks, and 15 David Lauritson in the Hornets.

Chuck Flynn of Muddboss Videos does a great job taking professional videos at the track and here is his video he posted on YouTube of the Late Model race last night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_87lvcfXJU&feature=g-all-u

James Jones of DoubleJ Photography takes great pictures each week at Farmer City, check out http://www.doublej.us/ to see lots of photos from this weeks racing action.

That's this weeks recap, check back to see how things go next week. Thanks for visiting.

July 13, 2012-It's Friday the 13th and we are heading to the track. Tonight at Farmer City, Non-Winged Sprints, Mods, Streets, Sportsman and Hornets hit the track.

The motorless 72 car stayed at the shop, hoping to get a motor in this week so watch for the 72 car to be in action this week at the Farmer City Fair.

Tonights racing action was crazy, there were lots of flips in the sprints, strange wrecks in the street stocks, along with lots of good racing action.

Shaila has been wanting to take a few laps in a street stock, so tonight was the night! She buckled into the 33C that thanfully the Eichorns have been letting us use this season while our car sits at the shop. She headed out at the back of street stock heat two, at this point the 33C car decided to have some transmission problems and she was basically able to go no where fast but atleast she got to experience the thrill of starting the race. Here is a look at her driving debut:


There were numerous wrecks at Farmer City tonight, so Jim was working hard as a towman/track helper but he did take a few minutes to try to nurse the 33C's tranmission to get it to go in the feature. He took the 33C out to start the feature but only made it a lap with the tranny probs. The Street Stock feature was one of the craziest of the night. Here is a look at that: 


Congratulations to 10R Ed Lahey on the win!

Cheye also had the 82W at the track tonight. She had some mechanical problems and didn't get to start the heat. She made it out for the feature, passed a car, and completed several laps before heading to the infield. Here is a look her on track action in that race....


This week is the Farmer City Fair (I think this is a rideless fair). There is lots of racing action at the fair this week! Check out www.farmercityracing.com for more info. Stock car racing Wednesday night and Friday night. Thursday night its the demolition derby and motorcycle and ATV races. If you have a demo car or want to watch from the stands, make plans to attend!

Thanks to Barb and Ron for visiting with us on the bus tonight. That's the report for this week. Thanks for visiting!

June 29, 2012- Motor, Motor, we still need a motor. . It's Friday and time to go racing at Farmer City. It is 1 hot night, 96 degrees when Dee-Dee arrived at the track. The motorless 72 car stayed at the shop but Jim was able to take the 33C car to the track again this week. Thanks again to the Eichorn's for letting us use their car. It was fireworks night with bouncing houses and all sorts of activity at the bus in turn 2. Thanks to everyone who made the fireworks possible last night, great show.

Jim started the 33C car on the pole in heat 2 and finished 5th. In the feature, Jim started the 33C 10th and finished 10th. 13S Jordan Smith won the street stock feature and his heat and 46 Eric Wilson won the other street stock heat.

Today is the kick-off for Farmer City's 175 birthday celebration. There is a parade with 100 enteries today (Saturday 6/30) that starts at 2:00. There are lots of activities all week, check out http://www.farmercityil.org/ for more info. Thanks for visiting!

June 22, 2012-It's Friday and time to go racing. Last week the motor to the 72 car went up in a big puff of white smoke and was done. As this is the only motor we have were still figuring out what the next steps will be. If you have a street stock motor sitting around your not using, let us know. In the meantime, we have to give a big "Thank You" shout out to Rod and Chris Eichorn for bringing a car to our shop this week for Jim to race tonight at Farmer City! Jim raced 33C street stock camaro at the track tonight. We appreciate you letting us use your car! Thansk Jim Jones for the photo:

There were 14 Street Stocks racing tonight at Farmer City. Jim started the 33C 6th in heat 2, 66 Chris Eichorn and 33R Rod Eichorn were also in this race. Watching Jim race around the track brought back memories of yester-year and all those years of the 82 camaros racing around the track. Jim started 6th and finished 6th in this one. 13S Jordan Smith won this race and 7 Matt Maier won the other street stokc heat.

In the feature, the 33C lost a belt after a few laps finished 12th after starting 11th. 13S Jordan Smith won the feature followed by 7 Matt Maier, 11 Jeff Simmons, and 71 Darrell LeHigh.

Cheye had her 82W hornet car racing around the track tonight too. She started 8th and finished 8th in heat one. In keeping with the theme of the week, her motor blew in the hornet feature. So she finished 14th after starting 15th.

That's the report from Farmer City tonight. Thanks again to the Eichorn's for letting us use the 33C at the track tonight, we appreciate it.

22 new pics of the 72, 82W, and 18JR cars have been added to the 2012 photo gallery today, click the photo gallery link to check them out. Thanks for visiting.

June 15, 2012 - Well, there are good nights at the track and there are bad nights. Tonight would fall into the "Bad Night" category. There were 12 street stocks in attendance tonight and they got to hot lap. Jim took the 72 car out to hot lap and the rear brake locked up! Street Stocks raced 1st so there was very little time to fix this issue and get the car race ready. Thanks to everyone who helped with this effort.

There were 2 heats of streets tonight and in the first heat 51 Jeremiah Hoadley started on the front row and won followed by 22 Darrell Dick and 7 Matt Maier.

Jim started the 72 car 2nd in heat 2. The 72 car took off and was flying down the backstretch in the heat when a car spun in turn one and there was a complete restart. Race restarts and the 72 car takes off once again for the first lap, then on the next lap the 42 John Simmons takes the lead with Jim in 2nd. A few laps later white smoke starts pouring from the 72 car in turn 2 and by turn 3 the 72 car suffers catastrophic engine failure and comes to a complete stop. The engine is one that Jim started using in 1999 so if it could talk it would have some good stories to tell. Sadly, we think it has seen its last days racing around the track. 42 John Simmons went onto win this heat race and the street stock feature.

Here's a look at the 72 car after the race:

Here's a look at the video of the experience: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkTBST-6hjU

If anybody has a good street stock motor sitting around they aren't using be sure to let us know.

Cheye and Jesse were also racing their hornet cars tonight. Cheye's car would not start for the heat race but Jesse did get to race in it and here is a look at that, he's in the 18JR: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pl7_9EeN1c

Cheye and Jesse both made it out for the hornet feature and here is a look at that Cheye (82W) and Jesse (18 JR). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOTbhjrXsUQ&feature=plcp.

During the hornet feature, Jim and Tina were standing at the bleachers in the pits watching the race when some huge chunks of mudballs came flying up over the fence. Tina took a direct hit to the head from one of them and was obvioulsy not feeling to good after that impact. Thankfully, after getting checked-out, she is home recovering from this not so fun experience. Thanks to everyone who helped get the racecars back to the shop after the races.

That's a recap from an "adventerous"night at the track. Check back to see if a motor can be found for the 72 car and if you have one sitting around your not using let us know. Thanks for visiting.


June 11, 2012 - It's Sunday and were racing at Farmer City at a non-winged sprint car special. There were 11 street stocks in two heats. Jim was in the 2nd heat and finished 4th. Dee-Dee made vidoes of tonights racing action but the camera was pointed right at the sun so they are very hard to see. I0 cars started the street stock feature and when the cars got on the track and took off one car immediately spun out as the track was wet and slick. After some track packing the race restarted, Jim started 8th in this one and in the end brought the 72 car across the line in 4th at the finish. 99 Jerrad Krick won, followed by 22 Darrell Dick, and Travis Wallbaum.

The hornets raced tonight too. Jesse had mechanical problems and did not start his heat. Cheye had the 82W back in action and did a great job gaining racing experience, but had some mechanical issues and finished at the back. Both cars had mechanical issues in the feature and did not finsih that race.

Check back for more complete results on the night. Thanks for visiting.

June 8, 2012-It's Friday and were back racing at Farmer City and once again it is a hot night at the track. Tonight there were 3 Quinn Racing team cars in attendance waiting to race, Jim, JR, and Cheye....

There were 8 street stocks in attendance tonight and Jim started on the pole in the one street stock heat. The 72 car looked great out there as it found a great groove around the track, it just needed a little more power under the hood to stay up front. In the end, 22 Darrell Dick won the heat, followed by 50 Nathan McNeese, Jim in the 72 car in 3rd, and Jordan Smith in 4th. Here is a look at that race...


The feature was the BEST race of the year for the 72 car, Jim had that thing hooked up and racing up front. He ran 2nd for most of the race and was challenging for the lead right up till the end. What a great race. In the end, 50 Nathan McNeese took the win, followed by Jim in the 72 car for his best finish of the year, then Jordan Smith, and Darrell Dick. Here is a look at that great race, you can even here Dee-Dee praying her way through it. . ..


The Quinn Racing Hornets were in action tonight as well. Cheye and Jesse aka JR were in the same heat. Jesse started up front and Cheye at the back. Jesse had an interesting ride around the track including a 360 on the backstretch. Cheye had a battery problem and her car was not able to go as fast as the first night she had it out. But they both did a great job and finished at the back of the pack in this one. Here's a look at this one, it was quiet the festive atmosphere on the backstretch. Lots of Trisha Burton fans back there. ...


Battery problems were the them of the feature, neither Cheye nor Jesse were able to complete a lap in the feature due to this issue.

It was a fun night at the track, including an autograph session at intermission that the Quinn Racing Team drivers participated in. Racing action for this weekend is not over, there is racing on Sunday night at Farmer City with the non-winged sprints. Hot laps at 5 and racing at 5:30. Check back to see how the 72 car does then. Thanks for visiting.  




June 1, 2012-It's the 1st of June, it's freezing, and were back racing at Farmer City. Last week we were melting at the track and tonight we were frozen. 

9 street stocks showed up to race tonight at Farmer City. They were all in one heat. 22 Darrell Dick took off to lead this race with 99 Jarred Krick right behind, then they were side by side for several laps and in the end the 99 got past the 22 for the win. Meanwhile, near the beginning there was a five car battle for 3rd in this one and Jim had the 72 car in on this after starting 5th. There was no where to go on the track with so many cars racing for the same spot. It was interesting watching this. In the end, 20 George Ewing finished 3rd, 50 Chuck McNeese 4th, and Jim brought the 72 car across the line in 5th.

Here is a look at that race:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAr0YXUk1I4

All nine cars started the feature and Jim started the 72 car 5th in this one as well. 20 George Ewing took of for the lead in this one and somehow ended up having the hood of his car wedged up against the driver door for most of this race. He led several laps before pulling off the track. 99 Jarred Krick went onto win this race followed by 22 Darrell Dick, 50 Chuck McNeese and Jim, who brought the 72 car across the line for a 4th place finish in this one.

Other feature winners were, Scott Bull, Jeff Leka, Jeffrey Ledford, and David Laurtison. Make plans to attend Farmer City soon to see all of this in person. Thanks for visiting.

May 27, 2012-It's Sunday and were racing at Farmer City. Tonight Quinn Racing had not one but two drivers at the track. Jim had the 72 car ready to roll and Cheye was ready to make her driving debut in the hornet class as the driver of the 82W car. First up were the street stocks and there were 7 of them.

Jim started the 72 car on the pole of the 7 car event. The race was caution free and in the end 22 Darrell Dick won, followed by 99 Jerrad Krick, Jim who brought the 72 car across the line in 3rd, 4H Scott Huffard, 31 Wayne Orrick, 46 Eric Wilson, and 7 Matt Maier.

The same 7 cars made it to the feature and Jim started the 72 car third. The race in this one was for third after 99 Jerrad Krick took off for a commanding lead, 22 Darrell Dick maintained 2nd through-out and several cars were racing for 3rd spot. There was one caution near the end of the race when a few of these cars got together. In the end, 99 Krick won, followed by 22 Dick, 46 Eric Wilson, Jim who brought the 72 car home in 4th, then 7 Matt Maier, 31 Wayne Orrick, and 4H Scott Huffard.

Cheye made her first ever hornet driving debut in the 82W in the second hornet heat race of the night. She started 7 out of 7 and did a great job!!! She had the car up to speed in no time and did a great job commanding it around the track. She finished 6 out of 7 and said she had an absolute blast out there. She had some contact with the wall at the end that broke the axle so she was not able to particpate in the feature. You did a great job out there Cheye!!!

Thanks Jim Jones for the photo!

Here is a look at Cheye's first laps around the track:


That's the report for the night. The next racing action will take place this Friday, June 1st. Check back to see how things go. Thanks for visiting.

May 25, 2012-It's Friday and were back racing at Farmer City. There were 16 street stocks at the track tonight and it was 89 degrees at 7:00! The night did not start out to well for the 72 car but it did get better.

During track-packing the 72 car got a flat tire. They got that changed and were all ready to race in heat two.

Jim started the 72 car 4th in heat two. The race starts and theres a quick caution causing a complete restart. Race restarts and Jim takes off towards the front only to get to turn three and have yet another flat tire! 2 in one night. The 72 car then spins and another car plows into him, it looked like the 72 car was going over but thankfully it did not. People driving by on the interstate probably heard Shaila and Dee-Dee's screams. Jim was ok and drove the car back to the trailer where work began to get it ready for the feature. 33 Wayne Orrick and 13 Jordan Smith won the heats.

Meanwhile, while we are all at the track things are hopping for the tow company across the street. Jim traded in his racecar driver and track tow-truck driver hats, for his day job hat, and had to leave the track right before intermission to go on a tow. Street Stocks raced first so we were wondering if he was even going to make it back in time to race. Luckily he did and the bad luck from earlier in the night had "left the building". Do to not completing a lap earlier in the heat, Jim started the 72 car l-a-s-t in the feature which had 12 cars in it. For the first time all season the car was hooked up and the bad luck stayed away. Jim had the 72  charging to the front and was able to bring the car across the line for a 5th place finish in this one. This was the best run of the year so far and it was exciting to finish the race with no bad luck and the car in one piece. 13 Smith won, followed by 22 Darrell Dick, 50 Chuck McNeese, and 99 Krick.

Farmer City will be racing again in two days on Sunday night, check back to see how the 72 car does then. Thanks for visiting.

May 20, 2012-Check out the photo gallery and click on the 2012 72 Car album to see lots of photos of the 72 car this seasion. Thanks to Jim Jones of Double J Photography, Jim and Tina, and Dee-Dee for the photos.

May 18, 2012-It's Friday and time for racing at Farmer City. Tonight in addition to going to the track to race, we also went to celebrate Shaila's 8th grade graduation. Her party was at the track and several of her friends came to help her celebrate and watch the 72 car race.

Before we get to the recap we have to give a shout out to some folks for helping us with the 72 car this week. You may recall last week the 72 car raced with broke transmission and has been in need of a gear all season. Thank you very much to our friends and family who stepped up this week to help us get the transmision fixed and a new rear-end gear. Thanks to Danny at RedLine Gutters, Frank, Dave, Jesse, and Crawford Transmission, and everyone else who helped with this effort so we were ready to go racing this week.

There were 16 street stocks in attendance in 2 heats. 11 Jeff Semmons won the first heat followed by 99 Jerrad Krick. Jim started the 72 car 4th in heat two and ran a solid 3rd for the entire race. 22 Darrell Dick went on to win followed by 50 Chuck McNeese and Jim in the 72 car.

In the feature, Jim started the 72 car 6 out of 16. Dee-Dee did not watch this race but Jim's 3 year-old grandaughter Haley gave her updates, yelling "Go Pappa Jim", "Pappa Jim is going really fast" and "Here comes Pappa Jim" 

Jim had the 72 car moving towards the front at the begining but it dropped off towards the end and the 72 car crossed the line in 7th place. After previous weeks experiences, we were happy to finish the race with no mechanical issues or other damage to the car.  99 Jerrad Krick won this one followed by 11 Jeff Simmons, and 22 Darrell Dick.

Thanks again to everyone who helped out with the 72 car this week and to Shaila's friends who came out to the track to celebrate her 8th grade graduation. Congratulations Shaila!!!

May 11, 2012-It's Friday and time for racing at Farmer City. However, this afternoon before heading to the track it was discovered that the 72 car was having tranmission problems and if it was going to race tonight it had to be replaced! So, by 5:30 the tranmission had been replaced (thanks to all that helped with that) and Quinn Racing headed to the track.

There were 15 street stocks in attendance tonight. Heat 1 had 8 cars and the car that started on the pole jumped the start twice so after two cautions, he headed to the back. After that it was all 99 Jerrad Krick at the front and he went onto win. 

Jim started the 72 car 4th in heat 2, by the 2nd lap 3 cars head high into turn 3 and only 1 makes it out. Jim got caught up in this and headed to the back for the restart. The race restarts and few laps later the 72 car drives off the top of turn one with mechanical issues, and heads to the pits. Congratualtions to 7 Matt Maier on his first street stock heat win at Farmer City.

In the feature Jim starts the 72 car 12th of 13. Have we mentioned we need a new rear-end gear? Without the right gear the car will just not "dig-in" and go so it limits the ability to move to the front. Jim is cruising a long and makes it up to about 7th place when he and another car racing side-by-side spin going into 4. The other car then turns his car and puts a demo hit on the 72. This uneccessary manuever brought an end to the 72 car's night and Jim headed back to the pits. 99 Jerrad Krick went onto win the Street Stock feature.

An interesting night to say the least ! Hopefully this week we can come up with a gear that will help the 72 car get back up to the front. Thanks for visting.



May 6, 2012-It's Sunday night and we went racing at Farmer City. They had a Non-Wing Sprint car special that included street stocks, outlaw (no rules) hornets, modifieds, and crate late models.

There were 14 street stocks in two heats. Jim started the 72 car 6th out of 7 in heat one for the street stocks. There were a couple of cautions in this one. The 72 car was set-up good-to-go, but it needs a different gear, Jim finished 5th in this one. 25 AJ Wright won the heat followed by 96 McKinney, 42 Simmons, 47 Wilson, Jim, 26 Waters, and 19 Thrasher.

The street stock feature was one of the best races of the night. The top four were heading 3 and 4 wide into the turns for the first few laps. The 72 car was hooked-up in this one too, but needed a little more "go-power" in the form of a different gear for the rear end. Jim brought the 72 car across the finish line 9th in this one. There was quite a show going on up front and in the end 57 Brandon Kessigner was able to hold off 97 Mike McKinney for the win.

There were 19 sprint cars in attendance and 11D Dave Darland won the feature after getting by 99 Korey Weyant who led several laps. B1 Nick Baumann won the crate late model feature, 21A Nick Allen the modified feature, and 24D Kenny Butterfield one the outlaw hornet heat and feature.

Still have pictures to add to this site, check back this week to see those. Thanks for visiting.

May 4, 2012-Mother nature was the only winner tonight at Farmer City. However, the will be racing action Sunday night (5/6) at Farmer City. Check back to see how the 72 car does then.

April 27, 2012-The 72 car has hit the track twice this week, Wednesday at Farmer City with WOO Sprint Car Show and tonight for the 7 night of racing at Farmer City.

Before hitting the track Wednesday, Jim had to fix the damage from the first lap feature melee last Friday night. A Right Front ball joint was broke and tire flattened. When we made it to the track Wednesday there were 14 Street Stocks in attendance. Jim started the 72 car 3rd in heat two. The car was WAY to tight and Jim spun going into turn one and headed to the back at the caution. He ended up with a 5th place finish in this one.

At feature time, after a few quick adjustments, the car was still WAY to tight. Jim started the car 10th and had quite a race going with 47 Eric Wilson for 7th, the 47 barely got past the 72 at the line and Jim finished 8th in this one.

11 Jeff Simmons and 22 Darrell Dick won the heats and Simmons went on to win the feature.

Jim and Tina spent Thursday night at the shop with the scales determing why the 72 car was so tight. This work paid off as the 72 car looked much better tonight.

Tonight there 15 Street Stocks in attendance tonight and Jim started the 72 car 4th and ran 2nd to 22W Frank Wright for most the race, near the end the 25 of AJ Wright got around Jim. Frank Wright wins, follwed by AJ Wright, and Jim brought the 72 car across the in for a 3rd place finish.

The other SS heat had a 3 wide race for the finish, 22 Darrell Dick won this one followed by Jarred Krick and John Simmons.

The feature was a survival test. The track was very slick and rough. There had been some delays throughout the night to do some track work to try to make things better, but by street stock feature time it was very rough. 13 cars started the race and 9 finished. Jim was in 4th place when the right front ball-joint had enough of the rough track and broke. Jim headed for the pits. There were several cautions in this one. 25 AJ Wright nursed his car to victory lane after taking a hard hit to the rear, 22 Darrell Dick finished 2nd, followed 7 Matt Maier, 20 George Ewing, and 42 John Simmons.

Brandon Sheppard won the Late Model feature by a wide margin over Dennis Erb, Jeff Leka won the modified feature after passing Jamie Lorax in lapped traffic, Dustin Mounce won the Sportsman feature, and Tyler Benson won the hornets.

Dee-Dee has lots of pics and a couple of videos to add to this site so check back to see those. Thanks for visiting.

April 20, 2012-Tonight marked the 5th night of racing at Farmer City this season and the 1st night out this year for the Quinn Racing Team car. In the past few weeks, the car has had a new body put on, paint job, and new graphics added. As you can see, that's not all that new...we also have a new number this year, 72! 2012 is a tribute year for Quinn Racing. Growing up we spent many summer nights watching our dad Mike Quinn participate in many demo derbies around the area. He was very successful in his #72 car wining many events. A lot of fun times and Dad has been a big help to the race team over the years so we are paying tribute to him. Be sure to click on the Photo Gallery link and check out the 72 Mike Quinn Demo Car Album.

Tonight we headed to the track with heavy hearts as we lost a very good friend today. Theo Harris was a great asset to Quinn's Towing and Repair helping out with the daily operations. He was a great friend and person who will be missed.

Once we got to the track it was freezing! It was very windy and 48 degrees. Street Stocks did not hot lap so Jim's first trip around the track in the refurbished car was the heat race where he started on the front row. The car was up front for the first lap, a few laps in while in 2nd when the right front shock broke ending his run for the front in the heat race. Here is a short video of that experience (yes, Dee-Dee still needs a new video camera :))


In the feature, Jim started at the back and passed several cars on the front stretch before heading into turn one where everyone appeared to be trying to wreck as several cars went into the turn at the same time. A car got into the 72 car and Jim got a flat tire ending his feature run on lap one.

Wanted to send our thoughts out to Mark Tullis who was involved in a terrible crash in the modified semi-feature and is in the hospital recovering. We are praying you have a speedy recovery and hope to see you back at the track soon.

The 72 car will be back in action on Wednesday night at Farmer City, when the World Of Outlaw sprint cars come to town. Check back to see how that goes and to see more photos of the 2012 72 car. Thanks for visiting.



The 2012 Racing season is upon us. The girls are getting older and involved in more activities and in the words of Trace Adkins "You're Gonna Miss This" and we don't want to, so the 82 car is not quite ready to go this year. The off season was spent at many basketball and volleyball games and now its time for softball, we've had a lot of fun cheering them on at these events. The 82 car should be ready to hit the track in just a couple of weeks.

The 82 car will have a new look this year! After 4 years of running the same body on the car, it's time for a new look! Jim and Jesse have been working hard to get a new body on the car and the engine has been sent to the engine shop. Paint was added this week and soon the new stickers would be added. There will be plenty of room on the new body for your name and if you are interested in sponsoring the 82 car for the 2012 season let us know.

The 2012 race season started this weekend at Farmer City with the Illini 100 2-night Late Model Special. Jimmy Mars of Wisconsin took home the $20,000 winnings for that. The hornet cars also raced both nights and Jesse Smith of Quinn's Towing made his driving debut, night one got off to a rocky start when a car got into him sending him flying off the track and into the gaurdrail. Night number 2 went better and he should be fun to watch this year in the yellow and black 18jr car.

Thanks for visiting and check back soon to see how things go for the 82 car in the 2012 season.


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