2011 Results

2011 Race Season Re-Cap:

The 2011 race season can best be described as a crazy one, with many priorities for the 82 Team. In addition to being the driver and chief mechanic for the 82 car, Jim also ran tow trucks at the race track, ran the tire and fuel sales trailer on many race nights, attended many of his daughters' softball games on race nights and one of their 8th grade graduation party's that was moved to the track after the races were rescheduled to a Sunday night. Needless to say it was an adventure.

There were 21 nights of racing at Farmer City and Jim and the 82 car raced 19 of them and used 2 different motors to get this accomplished. Motor problems began on May 13th and would be a theme for the remainder of the season. The first motor of the year was done by 6/10/11, thanks to Rick Alwood, Jesse Smith, Brad Shane, Jim and Tina, Dee-Dee, and Farmer City Napa the 82 car was back at the track by 6/24/11.

They say you can't win them all and the 82 team has celebrated many successes prior to this year. This year's theme also became parts replacement with the following parts being replaced throughout the season: rear end gear, u-joints, right front shock, water pump repairs, steering column repairs, broken right front ball joint, then re-replaced after destroyed in a crash, left front lower ball joint, spindell, upper A frame, clutch, rear rim that twisted itself a part mid-race, crank shaft broke ruining 4 pistons and putting a hole in the engine block, got a 2nd engine, lost a cam shaft, dropped a piston, replaced busted steering shaft and the trailing arm that broke. That's a lot for one season, as they say there is always next year and we're about to start getting ready for that.

Here is a recap of race results for 19 nights of racing in the 2011 Season:

Heat Wins: 4

Feature Wins: 0

Top 5 Feature Finishes: 6

Top 10 Feature Finishes: 5

Feature DNF's: 5

10/09/11-It appears there will be racing this coming Saturday, October 15, 2011 at Farmer City Raceway The 82 car is making plans to attend. Check back to see how that goes and for a complete recap of the 2011 season! Thanks for visiting.

09/04/2011-It's Sunday and were going racing for the last regularly scheduled night of racing at Farmer City this season. It is also championship night and going into tonight 18 Travis Johnson has a 38 pt lead over 1 Chris Dick in Street Stocks. Jim and the 82 car will finish 4th this year in points and after all the highs and lows of this season thats a very good place to finish.

To start out the night the promoters at Farmer City held a driver meet and greet session. Lot's of drivers participated and it was fun for the fans. Here are some photos of that event:


The Late Model race paid $5,000 to win tonight and the modified race paid $2,000 to win so there were lots of cars in attendance. Once they were done qualifying it was time to go racing and the street stocks were up 1st and there were 19 of them.

The first heat had 10 cars in it and the battle in this one was between 99K Jerrad Krick and 32Z Nate Zimmer they had there own racing going on well ahead of the other cars. Krick went onto win followed by Zimmer, 15C Kevin Crowder, 50 Nate McNeese and 95 Travis Johnson.

The 2nd heat had 9 cars in it and Jim started the 82 car on the pole with 11 Jeff Simmons 2nd. Race starts and Simmons takes of for the lead and leads for like 3 laps when he has engine problems and heads off the track and this brings out a caution. Jim takes the lead at this point. Meanwhile, the cars in last and 2nd to last apparently don't agree with where they are lined up for the restart. So the race goes green but one of them jumped the start big time which brought out yet another caution. This time everyone settles down and the race starts good, Jim takes off in the lead and goes onto WIN his 89th heat race. The 82 car should now be named Timex, it takes a licking but keeps on ticking.

Here is Dee-Dee's video from that race: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDUmbkCcVZE

17 cars start the Street Stock Feature and Jim starts the 82 car 2nd along side Jerrad Krick. Race starts and Krick takes off for the lead, meanwhile 32 Nate Zimmer heads to the front. Several laps in when Jim is 4th or 5th place, a bolt breaks on the 82 car for the trailing arm causing the rear-end to move all over the place and no breaks. The 82 heads to the infield and is credited with a 15th place finish. In the meantime, 32Z Nate Zimmer goes on to win and Travis Johnson drives the 95 car from 10th to a 4th place finish to win the 2011 Farmer City Street Stock Track Championship. Congratulations Travis.

Other feature winners for the night were:  21 Billy Moyer Late Models, 21A Nick Allen Modifieds, 7 Matt Maier Hornets, and 5H Jeremy Hines in Sportsman.

Congratulations also to 9 Eric Smith Late Models, 3L Jeff Leka Modifieds, and 7 Matt Maier Hornets who also were 2011 Track Champions at Farmer City.

This concludes the regular weekly racing action for the 82 car this season. Check back to see if we make it to another track before the snow falls. THANK YOU to everyone who has helped out in anyway with the 82 car this year, if we start naming you we will forget someone, so you know who you are and we appreciate your help very much. Thanks!

Thanks also for visiting the site.

08/28/11-It's Sunday and we went racing at Farmer City tonight. After last week we heard the story of "the little engine that could" after Jim drove the 82 car from 17th to 5th in the feature. This week we'll go with the saying "If it weren't were bad luck we'd have no luck at all." We'll get to the nights crazy ending in a bit.

There were lots of race cars tonight at Farmer City for a Sprint Car special that paid $2,000 win, crate late model and modified races that paid $1,000 to win, Street Stock feature that paid $600 to win and Hornet feature that paid $300 to win.

About 18 street stocks were in attendance in two heats tonight. 57 Brandon Kessinger won the first heat. Jim started the 82 car 8th in the 2nd heat and raced to a 4th place finish. Dee-Dee was so busy watching the 82 car she forgot to write down who won this race.

In the feature, Jim started the 82 car 6th and was in 6th place when the first caution came out for a couple of cars that spun in 4. At this point it was 57 Brandon Kessinger and 25 AJ Wright battling for the lead. The race restarts and Jim does some very skillful driving to keep the 82 car from spinning in between turns 1 and 2. Need to see a video of that.  In the meantime a caution comes out for another car on the other side of the track. Race restarts with Jim in 6th and they race a few laps when the 3rd place, 4th place and maybe 5th place cars get into each other and one of the cars spins going into turn 2. Jim and the 82 car have no where to go and the 82 car barely hits the spun-out car. In the history of 82 car hits this was very minor, however, it did major damage breaking the steering shaft sending the stearing wheel straight up in the air. The 82 car was done for the night after this bizarre event and finished about 17th. The feature restarts with the 25 Wright and 57 Kessinger still battling for the lead, the 57 car has problems at the restart and the 25 car took-off and never looked back going onto win the $600 street stock feature event.

There is one more week of racing at Farmer City. The final night for points and racing at Farmer City is next Sunday night with a $5,000 to win late model race. Currently Jim is 4th in points at Farmer City.

That's the recap for this week. Check back for the heat race video, photos, and other updates. Thanks for visiting.

08/19/11-It's Friday and time to go racing at Farmer City.This is the story of the little engine that could, When we last raced two weeks ago the engine in the 82 car pretty much stopped mid-race after a charge toward the front and was pushed onto the trailer. It was determined a fuel issue caused this, that was addressed and the 82 headed back to the track tonight.

There were 22 Street Stocks at Farmer City in 3 heats tonight. Street Stock heat one had 7 cars in it and 57 Brandon Kessinger won by a wide margin over 99K Jarred Krick.

Heat 2 had 7 cars and Jim started the 82 car 4th. The 82 car was "in the battle" at the begining but the "little engine that could" was not really wanting to go anywhere mid race and Jim crossed the line for a 6th place finish. 11 Jeff Simmons won this one followed by B Chuck Barnes.

Heat 3 was crazy. 95 Travis Johnson and 47 Hugh Johnson start on the front row and 25 AJ Wright  starts third, however, by the time they are at the green flag to start the race 25 is ahead of the front two cars and all sorts of craziness takes place, by the time they all reach turn two there is a big wreck. After the clean-up from this one only 3 or 4 cars are able to continue. In the end, 95 Johnson goes onto win followed by 19 Travis Thrasher.

At feature time 18 street stocks hit the track to race and Jim started the 82 car 17th out of 18. 95 Johnson and 57 Kessinger start on the front row. Race starts and the 82 car takes off in a charge to the front. This time "the little engine that could" decided it was going somewhere and stayed raring to go the whole race. Jim passes lots of cars and there were one or two cautions. The 82 keeps charging and in the end is able to cross the line for a 5th place finish after starting 17th. Great effort by the driver of the 82 car. 57 Kessinger went onto win followed by 95 Johnson.

In additon to driving the 82 car to a 5th place finish, Jim also kept very busy running a tow truck at the track. Lots of action for the tow trucks tonight with 1 flip (driver ok), cars stuck together, and lots of cars with mechanical issues. Busy night at the track.

There are only two nights of racing action left for the street stocks this year at Farmer City. Please note, these will be on Sunday nights, Sunday August 28th and Sunday, September 4th. Next Friday night at they are having motorcycle/atv races. Make plans to attend one of the last nights of racing. Thanks for visiting.

08/19/11 - There were no races last week at Farmer City but there will be tonight. The 82 car will be there! Make plans to attend the $2,000 to win Northern Allstars Late Model race and the $1,000 to win hornet nationals race should be a fun time.

08/05/11-It's Friday and time to go racing at Farmer City. To start things off we have to give a shout-out to our friend Drew Alwood who is home tonight recovering from serious injuries received earlier this week in a work accident. Drew we are praying for you and hoping that you have a speedy recovery so we can see you back at the track soon. Blessings to you and your family.

At the track tonight there were 17 street stocks in 2 heats tonight. Street Stocks raced first and 25 AJ Wright and 57 Brandon Kessinger won the heat races.

The 82 car did not race in the heat and therefore Jim had to start the 82 car 17out of 17 in the feature. The motor that the 82 car has been running for the last several weeks decided it was d-o-n-e tonight. However, Jim did a great job driving the 82 car from 17th to 5th before the motor "went south" and decided to no longer run. The 82 car did finish the race but was pushed onto the trailer as it was no longer running. We have had a lot of fun this year even with all the various motor issues. Stay tuned to see what we come up with next.

25 AJ Wright led almost the entire street stock feature. However, coming out of turn 4 he and the 11 car of Jeff Semmons got together and then there was a large cloud of dust as they ended up on the horse track. It took awhile to determine the winner of this race was and in the end the checkered flag was presented to the car that had been in 3rd, 23JR Joel Funk. Everyone is waiting to see the video on that one.

Thats the brief report from the track tonight. Check back for more info on the night and to see if we get the official mudboss video of the feature event. In the meantime, here is the video Dee-Dee made of the 82 car in the feature event. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpIP1-JUQjI

Thanks for visiting.

07/29/2011-It's Friday and time to go racing at Farmer City. However, before we went racing we to went pay our respects to an old friend whose life tragically came to an end after a motorcycle accident. We send our thoughts and prayers to the Lonnie Snow family.

When we made it to the track Jim decided Jesse should get to take a few laps in the 82 car so Jesse took the car out for hotlaps and did a great job. Here is a video of that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=soquCGcmnAY

There were 21 street stocks tonight in 3 heats. Jim started the 82 car 3rd in heat 2. Joel Funk went onto win this one and Jim brought the 82 car across the line in 2nd place. Travis Johnson and AJ Wright won the other heats. Here is the video from Jim's heat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K1qHNFzRTQ

By the time the SS feature starts, it was one HOT night at the track in more ways than one. Jim starts the 82 car 6th. The race starts and before they get one lap in the caution is flying which set the tone for the rest of the race. This was one long race. Caution, after caution, then a really long caution, then even more cautions. Anyway, the race restarts and we get one lap in before the next caution. Race restarts and sure enough they don't get one in before the next caution. Restarts once again and they race about two laps before yet another caution. At the restart it's Joel Funk, AJ Wright, Chris Dick, Jim Quinn and Darrell Dick. Pretty much it's a 4 way race for 2nd place and there is some impressive 3 wide racing down the front stretch.

They race a few more laps before there is yet another caution and at the restart its Joel Funk, AJ Wright, Jim Quinn and the Dick brothers. It takes forever to get a car unstuck from the horse track in turn one and instead of stopping the cars on the track, the cars continue to drive around at a slow pace on a hot night and they finally get the thing restarted and the four wide race for 2nd place continues with Joel Funk leading. They actually get to race for several laps and at the half way point Jim drives the 82 car past the 25 AJ Wright for 2nd with Funk still leading. The Dick brothers are now in 3rd and 4th.

There was some crazy racing between 25 Wright and 0 Miller and and nice save by 27 Eric Hail to avoid this and then its time for yet another caution when a car spins in 4. Race restarts with the 38 car getting into the 82 car at the restart and the 38 is now in 2nd. They race for one lap when the 1 car of Chris Dick gets into and spins the 38 of Darrell Dick. Jim Quinn makes some great maneuvers to save the 82 car during this experience. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAv5Qq1hqlc)

Race restarts with 4 to go. Funk leads, Darrell Dick 2nd and Jim Quinn 3rd with 4 laps to go. With 3 to go the 38 car comes down on the track a little in front of the 82 car and the 27 of Hail. Jim and the 38 make contact and the 38 spins. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JobGwwLiFN4) So when they are trying to figure out where to line everyone up the official in turn 1 sends the 82 car to the back. However, since there was no where for the 82 to go in this melee Jim is trying to explain that he did not intentionally get into anyone and then it gets wild. In a moment of extreme unprofessional-ism the track official goes crazy, and starts apparently trying to push Jim back into the car and then starts pushing Jim and other track officials. What the heck? Anyway, at this point Jim is done for the night. Joel Funk went onto win this very long race, Darrell Dick was 2nd and Eric Hail 3rd.

Here is mudboss's video of the entire race. http://www.youtube.com/user/muddbosss#p/a/u/1/vRistjgiUNk

Here is Dee-Dee's view from turn two of all but the last few laps of the feature. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTj5wmn1aN4

After all of this we all head back to the shop and have a fun time playing tag, going for tow truck rides, and visiting with lots of visitors. Crazy ending to a crazy night.

Dee-Dee bought 20 pictures from Double J Photos so check back to see those. Thanks for visiting.

07/22/2011-It's Friday and were back racing at Farmer City. The last time we saw the 82 car on the track was 2 weeks ago when it left the feature early with major motor problems . The car has basically been sitting on the trailer ever since while we worked to get Jim and his family moved into their new home.

Tonight was the JR. Kimler memorial race at Farmer City. JR was a proud Farmer City business owner who really did  a lot for the community in is lifetime. He also loved Farmer City Raceway. To honor him there was a $3,000 to win late model race.

Jim decided the 82 car should be in attendance tonight for this event even though he wasn't sure what the car would do. He and the famly also sold tires and fuel tonight at the track and also provided the tow truck.

There were 15 street stocks in attendance tonight and Jim started the 82 car 2 out of 7 in heat two.  The race starts and Jim leads the first few laps while 23T Joel Funk, who started 4th, is charging towards the front. The 23T is able to pass the 82 in the turn and went onto win the race. Jim went on to finish 2nd and the car was smoking hot afterwords. 38 Darrell Dick was 3rd followed by 71 Darrell LeHigh, 50 Nathan McNeese, 46 Eric Wilson, and 21N Aaron Near.

Heat one had 8 cars and 13 Wayne Orrick went on to win this one by a pretty good margin over 95 Travis Johnson, 25 AJ Wright, 1 Chris Dick, 57 Brandon Kessinger, 15C Kevin Crowder, 47 Hugh Johnson, and 7 Matt Maier.

The feature was interesting. 15 cars started the race and Jim started the 82 car 4th. There were 3 cautions in this race, questionable line-ups after the cautions, cars getting into other cars during the cautions, a car getting into another car that spun and getting to keep its spot, it was a little crazy out there and all this is unofficial through the eyes of the webmaster.  In the end, 23T Joel Funk went on to win the race, 38 Darrell Dick was 2nd, followed by 1 Chris Dick, 25 AJ Wright, and 82 Jim Quinn who brought the 82 car across the line for a 5th place finish whe we weren't even sure the motor was going to make it through the heat race. The 82 car was way hot after this finish and had steam and water flowing on the trailer but it was a fun night for sure.

Check back for an update on the 82 car's motor and photos. Thanks for visiting.

07/15/2011-After loosing a cylinder last week, the 82 car went no where tonight and stayed at the shop. :(. We've been through 2 motors this year and don't have a third one. The real focus this week was getting Jim and his family moved to their new home. Thanks to all who have helped with that effort. After all the sorting, packing, moving, and finding and no race ready motor we decided it was time for some fun, so we took the kids to the Fisher Fair and didn't make it to the races tonight. We had a fun time.

Check back to see what we are able to find this week in the great motor search of 2011. Hopefully we will be back racing soon. Thanks for visiting.

07/08/2011 - Motor, motor, we need a motor! More on that in a minute. It was summer national night tonight at Farmer and there were lots of fans and cars in attendance. After last weeks racing events it was deteremined that there were motor troubles for the 82 car as the camshaft was bad due to sticking valves. The pieced together motor that we have run for two weeks got some attention and the 82 car headed to the track.

There were 19 street stocks in attendance tonight in 2 heats. Jim started the 82 car last, 10 out of 10, in heat 1 after drawing a number in the 90's. This heat was all really fast cars. 57 Brandon Kessinger and B24 Brian Cassell on the front row. 95 Johnson, 1 Dick, 33 Berbaum, 25 Wright, 21 Dodson, and 32 Zimmer were also in this race. Race starts and Cassell take off for the lead while Jim passess several cars in an attempt to get to the front. However, the 82 motor drops a cylinder and heads to the pits. Meanwhile, Cassell has his car flying up front and goes onto win the race. Followed by 95 Johnson who started 5th, 57 Kessinger, 18, 33B, 25, 21, the 82 in 9th place, and 25.

Heat 2 had 9 cars with 15C Kevin Crowder and 47 Hugh Jonson on the front row. After 2 or 3 complete restarts, the15C took off for a big lead and went onto win followed by 47 Johson, 50 McNeese, 38 Dick, 13s Smith, 13 Orrick, 46 Wilson, C7 Cusak, and 71 LeHigh.

19 cars made it out to start the feature and Jim started the missing a cylinder 82 car 19 out of 19. B24 Cassell and 95 Johnson start on the front row. This was a very exciting race to watch, Cassell leads for a while, Johnson leads for awhile and Jim drives the 82 from 19th to 13th. Then there was a very scary moment when the 24 of Brian Cassell slams into the big tires in turn 3 sending the tires everywhere and 38 Darrell Dick flying into the pits to avoid all of this. Jim makes some very very impressive moves to avoid hitting the 24 car when the 82 arrived in turn 3.  Scary scene but thankfully 24 Brain Cassell was uninjured, his car was looking a little rough though. The race continues with 95 in the lead 57 Kessinger in 2nd and 1 Chris Dick flying up from behind. These 3 put on a heck of a race to the end up high and down low. In the end, 57 Bradnon Kessinger wins followed by 1 C Dick, 95 Johnson, 18 Ewing, and 38 Dick.

The 3 other features of the night were just as exciting. 5s Brandon Shepard took home the late model cash after holding off 18 Babb, the modified race was also exciting with M2 Kinder taking the victory. The closest finish of the night, literally side by side at the line, was in the hornets with Matt Maier taking the victory over Tanner Tibbs. Great night of racing at Farmer City.

Its a flashback to the year 2000 for the 82 team. That year Jim used 3 motors to complete the season and finished 4th in points. Currently we have used 2 motors are looking for a third and are currently 4th in points.

Check back for more info on the 82 car's engine. Be sure to check out the Quinn Racing Team facebook page. Thanks for visiting.  

Thanks James Jones for the great photo from Friday 07/01/11:

07/02/11-Here is the heat race video from last night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsVB0AWC1qg

Here is the feature video from last night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4Naopyklho

All links to 2011 videos have now been added to the videos page, click Videos in the left hand to view them. They are also still scattered throught the 2011 results info too.

07/02/11 - After initial evaluation it appears the camshaft has been wiped out due to sticking valves. Check back for updates on this issue.

07/02/11 - After initial evaluation it appears the camshaft has been wiped out due to sticking valves. Check back for updates on this issue.

07/01/11-It's Friday and time for racing at Farmer City. Tonight is also Fireworks night so we celebrated the 4th on the bus too. There were 19 street stocks that showed up to race tonight.

Jim started the 82 car at the back in heat one, there was one complete restart after a bad start and the rest of the race was caution free. The 82 car had some mechanical issues and finished at the back in this one. 25 AJ Wright went on to win the race. Travis Johnson in the 95 Lightning McQueen car won the 2nd heat.

In the feature Jim started at the back (16th) of 19. He was the hard charger in this one racing from 16th to a 10th place finish. Jim had the car flying down the backstretch and front stretch, however, early in the race another car got into the 82 sending the right front quarter panel straight in the air and the car would not turn. It looked like it was flying fast though. 25 AJ Wright went onto win this one followed by 95 Travis Johnson (they started on the front row) 38 Darrell Dick and 50 Nathan McNeese finished 3rd and 4th after starting on the 2nd row.

We had lots of visitors on the bus and we had tons of fun playing and waiting to watch the fireworks show.

Check back for pictures and videos from the night. Thanks for visiting.

06/30/11 Pics and Videos from 06/24/11:

Dad's heat race victory handstand celebration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tNldBouLZs

Dee-Dee's Street Stock Heat 1 Video: 


Dee-Dee's Street Stock Feature Video: 


Double J Photos Pictures:  http://doublejphotos2011.homestead.com/fcpics62411/Thumbnails.html


06/24/11 - It's Friday and this week the 82 got to go racing!!! Thanks to Rick Alwood, Jesse Smith, Brad Shane, Dee-Dee, Jim, and Farmer City Napa we were able to come up with an engine for the 82 car this week. Brad, Jesse, and Jim spent hours in the race shop and finished up Friday afternoon getting the motor ready to go in the racecar.  By racetime, the 82 Decatur Used Cars Nighthawk was ready to go.

Amazingly, Jim drew a 00 for a starting position! This means he starts up front which is much different from previous weeks when his number draws started him at the back.

There were 16 Street Stocks in two heats tonight. Jim started the 82 car on the front row in heat 1 which had 9 cars. Jim took off and led every lap of the race, that had 1 caution, and went on to WIN. All that hard work this week just to get an engine in the car paid off with a win! 33B Doug Bearbaum finished close behind in 2nd, and 38 Darrell Dick who started 8th.

Heat 2 had 7 cars with 1 Chris Dick and 95 Travis Johnson starting on the front row. 95 Lightning McQueen aka Travis Johnson went on to win this one followed by 1 Chris Dick.

In the feature, Jim started the 82 car 3rd and ran in 4th place for almost the entire race. On the last lap, the 18 of Steve Ewing was able to pass the 82 car and Jim crossed the finished line in 5th. Which was a great finish compared to last week when we didn't even get to race. 38 Darrell Dick went onto win the race, followed by 1 Chris Dick,  and 95 Travis Johnson.

THANK YOU once again to everyone who helped to get an engine in the 82 car this week, your help is much appreciated.

Thanks to Double J Photos for the following victory lane photos:



Check back for videos from the night inluding Jim's dad hand stand victory celebration. Thanks for visiting.

06/17/2011 - It's Friday and sadly we had to leave the motorless 82 car at the shop while we headed over to the Farmer City races tonight. Last week the 82 car suffered catastrophic engine failure when the crank shaft broke in two places, ruining 4 pistons, and putting a hole in the block. We don't have another engine so the 82 car is parked for the moment. We are working to come up with other options to the get 82 car back on the track soon.

There were 14 street stocks at Farmer city tonight and about half of them were making their first appearance at Farmer City this year.  There were two heats of streets and 38 Darrell Dick won the first heat followed closely by Nate Zimmer, Chuck Barnes, Travis Johnson. and Brandon Kessinger. Chris Dick won the 2nd heat by a      w-i-d-e margin over Robert Turner, Scott Thrasher and Darrell LeHigh. In the feature, Nate Zimmer was doing all he could to catch Chris Dick but just didn't have enough to do it. Chris Dick won, followed by Nate Zimmer, Darrell Dick,  and Chuck Barnes Jr.

Shout out and congrats to 14 year old Bobby Pearce who won the Late Model feature after racing side-by-side with Kid Robinson for the last few laps. Jeff Leka, Matt Maier, and Dan Flessner were the other feature winners.

Check back soon to see how the "Great Motor Search of 2011" is going for the 82 car. Thanks for visiting and thanks to all those who helped this week in trying to find a way for the 82 car to get to the track this week.

06/16/2011- Happy Birthday Lindsey Quinn!!!

The news didn't get any better from the 82 shop this week. The engine in the 82 car is d-o-n-e. The crank shaft broke in two places, ruining four pistons, and putting a hole in the block. Danny Shoufler tried to help out by offereing an engine he had, but the block was cracked and it couldn't be used So, at this point the 82 car is going no where this week. Check back to see if by a different solution is found before the weekend.

06/11/2011-Well the news is not good out of the 82 shop, the crank shaft broke last night in the feature which means major problems for the 82 car's engine. There has not yet been time to investigate this fully, so check back to see what the next steps are to getting the 82 back on the track.  In the meantime, here is Jim's heat race win photo from last night and a photo from the feature before the mechanical troubles. Thanks James Jones for the photos.



06/10/2011 - It's Friday and we're back racing at Farmer City. The theme of the night was "rain will be here in 40 mins" at least five different people said this while walking around the pits. The rain took longer than 40 mins but it did show up and end the night early at Farmer City. However, the street stocks were able to get their heats and features in before this happened.

The were 14 Street Stocks in 2 heats tonight for the street stocks. In the first heat, 16A Rick Alwood and 38 Darrell Dick started on the front row. 38 Darrell Dick took of in the lead in this one and went onto win. There was atleast 1 caution in this one. 95 Travis Johnson finished 2nd, followed by 1 Chris Dick, 16A Rick Alwood, 47 Hugh Johnson, 17 Ronnie Burns and 13 Wayne Orrick.

In the 2nd heat, Jim started the 82 car 4th out of 7 cars. Race starts and by turn 3 Jim is charging up through the middle heading for the lead. By the end of lap 1 heading into turn 1, Jim has the lead and would go onto lead all remaining laps and WIN the race for his 2nd heat race win this year. He was followed by 18C Dave Crawley, 11 Jeff Semmons, 1C Robert Cotton, 19 Scott Thrasher, 46 Eric Wilson, and 50 Nathan McNeese.

Here is interesting 40 sec video of the start of that race: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGQfxEeYupA

Street Stocks were 1st up for feature time and the rain was a coming. Wind picked way up at the start of this one. Jim started the 82 car on the pole in this one and 13 cars started the race. This was a good race between the top 5 or 6 cars and Jim stayed with this pack. There was a caution for a spin and at the restart Jim was 4th and Chris Dick was leading. With a couple laps to go, the 82 car has some major engine problems and has to pull of the track on the backstretch and park the 82 car. Check back for a diagnoses but at the end of the night it was sounding good. In the meanitme, 1 Chris Dick and 38 Darrell Dick were battling it out for the lead on the last lap. In the end, 1 Chris Dick won, followed by 38 Darrell Dick, 11 Jeff Simmons, 95 Travis Johnson, 18C Dave Crawley, 16A Rick Alwood, 19 Scott Thrasher, 17 Ronnie Burns, 47 Hugh Johnson, and Jim finished 10th in this one.

Here is another intereting video. Its the feature but not the best view of the whole race, however, it does show pretty cool footage of the cars in turn 3 and 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilRfwXYXFeM

Here are some photos of the Street Stocks in the pits at Farmer City tonight: 


Check back for a full report on the engine issues with the 82 car. Thanks for visiting.

06/05/2011 - Here is a link to Mudboss's video of Friday nights 06/03/11 Street Stock Feature at Farmer City. Thanks Chuck Flynn.


Here is a link to Double J Photography's photos from Friday night 06/03/11 at Famer City. Thanks James Jones.



06/03/2011 - It's Friday and we're back racing at Farmer City. This past week Jim and others spent lots of time working on the 82 car at the shop. Thanks to all those that helped with the car this week and in the past. We appreciate it.

It was one hot night at the track tonight for sure. This and the fact that it was the third night of racing this week at Farmer City could have played apart in the smaller car count and crowd.

There were 13 Street Stocks at the the track tonight. Each week one class of cars gets to run the Trophy Dash and this week it was the Street Stocks. They take the top 6 finishers from last weeks feature to start the race. Jim started the 82 on the front row in this one and took off for the lead on the low side. On the first lap, Chris Dick in the one car  and Jim were side by side. Chris passed Jim on the high side at the line to take the lead. He went on to lead each lap of the 6 lap event taking the win and Jim crossed the line in 2nd in this one. Here is the video from this race:


The 82 car then started 4th out of 7 in street stock heat 1. 13 Jordan Smith and 21 Troy Dodson started on the front row. There was not a lot of passing in this one and only a couple of cars changed positions from their start. 13 Jordan Smith went onto win followed by 95 Travis Johnson, 21 Dodson, Jim brought the 82 across the line in 4th followed by 46 Eric Wilson, 16A Rick Alwood, and 1 Chris Dick. Here is video from this one:


Heat two had 6 cars and 38 Darrell Dick won this one by a wide margin followed by 18C Dave Crawley, 47 Hugh Johnson, 66 Rod Eichorn, 19 Travis Thrasher, 13O Wayne Orrick.

At feature time the 82 started 7th out of 11 cars that started the race. Jim returned the 82 car to its old home...the bottom of the track in this one and moved toward the front in a hurry. 38 Darrell Dick took off for the lead and lead every lap in this one, the race for 2nd was on between 95 Travis Johnson, 13 Jordan Smith, and 82 Jim Quinn. The raced like this for awhile and Jim was then able to pass the 95 and 13 for 2nd.  Races continues and there was one caution when a car spun. With one lap to go it was 38, 82, 95, and 13. On the last lap, going into 4, 13 of Smith appears to gets into the side of the 95 car and spins him. 38 Darrell Dick went on to win and Jim brought the 82 car home in 2nd for his best feature finish of the year. 95 Travis Johnson was credited with 3rd followed by 19 Travis Thraser, 66 Rich Eicorn, and 13 Jordan Smith. 6 cars finsihed the races. Here is the video of that one:


Tonights races were done by 10:00 p.m. so the kids on the bus took a field trip to the pits to hang out there for awhile. It was a hot, fun night at the track. Check back for pictures. Thanks for visiting.

06/02/2011 Here is a cool in-car camera video from McKinney Multimedia of Sunday nights Street Stock Feature at Farmer City


Here is the out-of-car video from McKinney Multimedia of the same race:


James Jones of Double J Photos cool picture last Sunday night at Farmer City as well:

05/29/2011-It's Sunday and the theme of the day is "We interrupt this graduation party to go racing" :). Actually we took the party with us. Cheyenne graduated from 8th grade this week and once the cookout was finished lots of friends at the celebration came racing with us. Several first timers on the bus tonight to continue the celebration. There was a modified special at Farmer City tonight and they also raced hornets, mini-sprints, and street stocks.

There were 33 street stocks in attendance for the $600 to win race. First up though was the make up feature from a few weeks back when it was rained out. 10 cars started the race and only 5 cars finished.  Jim started somewhere in the middle of this one. The race starts and there are couple of quick cautions and restarts, finally get going but the 82 car gets way to hot and Jim has to pull of the track to investigate the cause of this. Dave Crawley went on to win.

33 cars meant 4 heats for the street stocks. In the first heat Darrell Dick started on the pole and won. Jim started the 82 car in the 2nd heat 3rd in this one with 23T Rick Thomas and 19 Travis Thrasher on the front row. A couple of early cautions in this one and 4 Jeremy Nichols went onto win after starting 4th. Jim started the 82 car 3rd and finished 3rd in this one. Dave Crawley and Troy Dodson went on to win the other heats. Chris Dick won the semi-feature.

20 cars started the feature with 18C Dave Crawley and 22 Jeremy Nichols on the front row. Jim started the 82 car 11th in this one. There were several cautions in this one, atleast 4. The race in this one was for like 3rd through 7th a pack of cars were racing for these postions while 22 and 18C led the way up front. With a just  few laps to go the 2nd place car got a flat tire and left the track. 22 Jeremy Nichols went on to win the extra cash in this one, in the end Jim brought the 82 car across the line for a 6th place finish tonight. 

That's the report for tonight. Check back for photos and video. Thanks again to everyone who came out tonight to celebrate Cheye's graduation. Thanks also to all the veterans who have served our country and those who continue to serve to protect our freedom. Enjoy the memorial day holiday.


05/27/2011: It's Friday and time for night number 1 of 2 nights of racing this weekend at Farmer City. Farmer City will also race a modified special on Sunday, May 29th that will include the streets. Street Stocks will run 2 features that night to make up for a rain-out a couple of weeks ago.

Tonight there were 20 street stocks in 2 heats at Farmer City. The first heat had 10 cars with 76R Greg Rubenacker and 23JR Joel Funk starting on the front row. Lots of fast cars in this one. Continuing the trend of starting near the rear Jim started the 82 car 8th in this one. The 82 car was hooked-up in and headed to the front in a hurry. When the checkered flag flew 23JR Joel Funk took the win and Jim brought the 82 car across the line in 2nd after the charge from the back. 11 Jeff Simmons was third followed by, 32Z Zimmer, 23T Rick Thomas, 33B Berbaum, 46 Eric Wilson, and 46H Howard, and 18 Crawley.

The 2nd heat had 10 cars also. 1C Robert Cotton and 57 Brandon Kessinger. Kessinger went on to win followed by 1 Chris Dick who started 4th, 95 Travis Johnson who started 5th, 21 Dodson, 38 Darrell Dick, 16A Rick Alwood, 28 Josh Smith, 1C Robert Cotton, 13 Wayne Orrick and 17 Ronnie Burns.

All 20 cars make it to the feature and Jim Quinn starts the 82 car up front on the pole. 23JR starts on the outside of row 1. The bad luck continued for the 82 car in this one. Jim was running in 3rd when the rear rim twists its self apart and shatters. this brings the 82 car to an immediate halt.  We have seen this situation go bad fast for others before, making their car flip, thankfully, Jims car did not flip and at first look it doesn't appear there was a lot of other damage to the car. This has only happened 1 other time to the 82 car in 17 years of racing. Dee-Dee is declaring and end now to the bad luck trend and hopefully it does go away so the 82 car can finish a night of racing without some big issue.

Meanwhile, back on the track 23JR Joel Funk went onto win the feature followed by 95 Travis Johnson and 1 Chris Dick.

Got to give a shout-out to Miss Cheye Beres who graduated from 8th grade this week. After her party tomorrow we will head back to Farmer City Raceway for night number 2 of the racing weekend. Double features for the street stocks so that should be interesting. Be sure to check back to see how it goes. Thanks for visiting.



05/22/2011: Video of the 05/20/2011 FC Street Stock Freature: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycd3IEonQ_Y

Video of the 05/20/2011 FC Street Stock Heat 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kfzO1jy_Xc

05/20/2011 - It's Friday and were back racing at Farmer City. There were 19 streets stocks in 2 heats tonight.

The first heat had 10 cars and 50 Nathan McNeese and 18 Dave Crawley start on the front row. The 18 car takes off for the lead and has a good one going when 19 Scott Thrasher and 42 Jess Simmons get together on the back stretch sending the 42 car hard into the turn 3 wall bringing out a caution. 42 was done and the 19 continued. Race restarts and 18 leads again for a lap or two when the 19 car spins and brings out caution #2. Race restarts with 18 in the lead and 33B Doug Berbaum, 95 Travis Johnson, 1 Chris Dick, and 50 McNeese all racing for 2nd.  Dave Crawley is leading and everyone is close behind when there may have been some contact and the 18 gets a flat tire and leaves the track. Race continues and Doug Berbaum leads with the 95 close behind. In the end, we have to give a shout out to Doug Berbaum who drove the 33B to his first heat race win in this one. Johnson was 2nd followed byChris Dick and Nathan McNeese.

As the saying goes there will be good nights and bad nights at the track and for the 82 car in the heat race it was a bad night. Literally this thing was over from start. Jim started the 82 car 9 out of 9 in this one. We haven't found the perfect number drawer yet as the do pill draw system to line up the heats and lately the 82 car has been at the back due to high number draws.

Anyway, the 82 car pulls out onto the track and back by himself in 9th. The green flag flies and on the front stretch it appears those in row two of the race were trying to win it at the start and they get into each other cauting a big wreck in turn 1. By the time Jim arrives in turn 1 there is no where to go and he hits the brakes and slides into another car. This happened so quick those of us on the bus were wondering what the heck just happened. Here is a video of the shortest heat race in the history of Quinn Racing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aagUNb01QnI

Jim gets untangled from the wreck and discovers the ball joint and spindle are broke and heads to the pits unable to complete one lap in the heat race. Jim and others then get hard at work trying to fix the 82 car for the feature. Thanks to everyone who helped with this effort as the 82 car was able to make the feature.

Meanwhile, after the calamity of a start in heat two only 5 cars are able to continue. The race starts and Rick Thomas takes off for the lead and stays there for the remainder of the race and wins followed by Jeff Simmons. Shout out to Rick Alwood who started the 16A 5th at the restart and was able to hold off the 38 of Darrell Dick and finish 3rd in this one.

We had lots of fun on the bus in between the heat and feature playing catch, frisbie, tag, taking a walk to buy pictures (hmm wonder where those are?), then walking back over to the granstand to watch the feature.

19 cars were supposed to start the feature but only 16 did. Jim started the 82 15 out of 16 in this one. The race starts and Jim does an awesome job of moving the 82 car to the front. At one point he has the 82 car up in 5th. A caution comes out and he restarts the 82 car in 6th. He is flying into turn 1 when the 82 car gets real loose and does a complete 360, Jim maintains control and keeps on going but lost a few positions. In the end, 95 Lightning McQueen, aka Travis Johnson wins the feature, he is followed by Darrell Dick, Chris Dick, Jeff Simmons, Dave Crawley, Nathan McNeese, Rick Alwood and Jim brings the 82 car across the line for a 9th place finsih in this one. It was a night of 9s, 9th in the heat and the feature.

It was a crazy night to say the least, next weekend there are two nights of racing at Farmer City. A regular night of racing on Friday and a Modified specila on Sunday the 29th in which the street stocks will race. Also, street stocks will make up there rained out feature from last week on the 29th as well. Check out the photo gallery link to see several new pictures in the 2011 82 car folder. Check back to see more videos from last night. Thanks for visiting.

05/15/11 -Check out the photo gallery link to see several new pictures in the 2011 82 car folder.

05/14/2011- Here is the video Dee-Dee took of the 82 cars heat race last night: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldEhox0RXRM

05/13/2011-It's Friday the 13th and we're racing at Farmer City. Well, until the rains came atleast. To start the night we headed over to the pre-race kids night activities where Haley and Madison had lots of fun bouncing in bounce houses, getting their faces painted, and blowing bubbles.

The dark clouds rolled in but it didn't rain until later in the evening. There were 17 Street Stocks and they got their heats in before the rains but not the feature.

Jim started the 82 car 8th in this one.  It was spitting rain and there were 3 cautions for spins. Jim drove the 82 car to a 4th place finish and Travis Johnson won in the 95 car. The motor under the hood of the 82 car is having some problems, check back to see a diagnosis. In heat two, it started raining a little harder and there were a few cautions for spins. 18 Dave Crawley Jr took off and led every lap of this one. The race was for 2nd and in the end Rick Alwood brought the 16A car across the line in 2nd followed by 24B Brain Cassell in 3rd.

After the street heats the rains came and the races were cancelled. Features will be made up another night. Check back for photo updates and a video from Jim's heat tonight. Thanks for visiting.

05/07/11 Here are videos Dee-Dee took last night of Jim's heat and feature:

Heat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP4S23pq-vw

Feature: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fk_48vFg-ME

05/06/11-It's Friday and we're racing at Farmer City. Last week while running in 2nd place in the street stock feature the 82 car was taken out after a car got sideways on the backstretch. This caused all sorts of damage to the 82 car and Jim and others had to repair the following before going racing tonight:  Right front upper ball joint, left front lower ball joint, spindell and upper A frame. The clutch is still in need of repair but that did not get completed before the 82 car headed for the track tonight. Thanks to those who helped work on the car today.

There were 15 street stocks in 2 heats tonight at Farmer City. In the 1st heat Rick Alwood started the 16A on the pole and the 21A of Troy Dodson started next to him. Race starts and the 21A of Dodson takes off for the lead. In the end, he went on to win followed by the 18 of Steve Ewing, 1 of Chris Dick, and 16A of Rick Alwood.

Jim started the 82 car 5th in the 2nd heat while the 17 car and 95 of Travis Johnson started on the front row. The race starts and the 95 car takes off for the lead. Before long, Jim has passed 3 cars and is in 2nd place. The caution comes out when the 46 of Wilson spins. Race restarts with Jim still in 2nd. Caution flies again when the 58 of Murphy spins. Race restarts and its still 95 and 82. In the end, 95 Travis Johnson takes the win, with Jim bringing the 82 car across the line for 2nd, followed by the 33 of Darrell Dick.

At feature time, Jim starts the 82 car 5th out of 14 cars. Race starts and Dodson, Johnson, D Dick, C Dick, and Jim are all at the front of the racing for this one, there is then some distance between the next group of cars. 95 Travis Johnson takes the lead and hangs onto it for the entire race which had one caution. Johnson and Dodson battle for the lead, with the Dick brothers up high and Jim down low racing for the next three spots.  In the end, Johnson wins, followed by Dodson, Darrell Dick and Jim bringing the 82 car home in 4th after a last lap pass around Chris Dick.

Jason Feger, Jeff Leka, Matt Maier, Nick Macklin, and Aaron Andersvich won the other features tonight at Farmer City.

Be sure to check out the 2011 Results page for pictures and videos from the past few weeks. Check back for pictures, videos, and points updates from this week. Thanks for visiting and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mom's out there.

05/05/11-Here is a link to Muddboss videos Street Stock Feature video from last week.


4/30/2011- Here is a great picture taken by James Jones of the 82 car at Farmer City last night:

Also, here is a link to view street stock pictures from last night that you do not have to sign-in to view:


This is a link to Jim's heat race at Farmer City last night:


This is the Street Stock Feature from last night, it is not the best video as the flip video camera used does not have the best zoom:


4/29/2011-It's Friday and mother nature finally turned off the faucet and we got to go racing. Tonight SNS Auto Sales put up extra cash to pay the winner of the street stock feature. This brought out the streets and there were 40 in attendance. However, before we could ever get to racing Jim had to make sure he had people lined up to run the tow trucks at the track and then Jim, Tina, and Dee-Dee ended up selling tires and fuel in the pits. Tonight was also the Northern All Stars Late Model Series $2,000 to win feature, which brought out 45 late models to the track. Hornets, mini-sprints, sportsman, and modifieds also raced.

Jim took the 82 car out for one lap of hot laps and noticed a problem with the steering column which he was able to fix before his heat race a short time later. 

Street Stocks were 1st tonight and since Jim drew a 99 out of 99  for his starting postion he knew he'd be at the back. Sure enough, he started 10th out of 10 in heat number 1. He did an awesome job of driving from 10th to 4th in no time and spent the rest of the race racing for the 3rd place spot. In the end, Jeremy Nichols won after starting 8th, he was driving Chad Eskews 22 Car. 16x Robert Turner finished 2nd, followed by 23T Rick Thomas and Jim brought the 82 car across the line in 4th securing a spot in the $700 to win feature.

Street Stock heat two was won by 11S Blake Shelly who was driving Terry Reeds car, he was followed by V27 Don Hilery, 32z Nate Zimmer, and 61 Gene Reed. Rick Alwood brought the 16A across the line 5th in this one.

Street Stock heat 3 was won by 18 David Billingsley, followed by 11 Jeff Simmons, 64 Rod Rogers, and 58 Jerit Murphy.

The winner of Street Stock heat 4 was 95 Travis Johnson, 23A Andrew Funk, 1 Chris Dick, and 99 Mike Pickering.

There were 2 street stock Semis and they take the top two from each to the feature. Troy Dodson won the first race and Rick Alwood brought the 16A across the line in 2nd and made it to the feature. The second semi was full of drama. The number 3 of Alex Clubb was racing up front for the lead with a few other cars when he came way high in to three hit the wall and flipped hitting another car as he went. Thankfully he climbed out of the car OK, but his car and the other car were done for the night. In the end, V37 Terry Miller won follwed by 58 Jerit Murphy. There was also quite the fire in one of the semis, and thankfully that driver was ok too.

Finally, it was feature time. Jim started the 82 car 7th. The race starts and the 82 car was flying! In no time at all, he was in 2nd place and looked great! He caught Jeremy Nichols for the lead and it looked like there was going to be a great race to the win. However, while flying down the backstretch, the right front ball-joint on the 82 car broke! Jim did a great job handling the car as he headed to the infield where sadly the 82 car was done for the night. In the end, 22 Jeremy Nichols won, followed by 18 David Billingsley, 1 Chris Dick, 32Z Nate Zimmer, and 23T Rick Thomas.

It was a busy, late night at the track. Check back to see some pictures/videos from last night. Thanks for vising the site.


04/22/2011 - Mother Nature was the only winner tonight at Farmer City as the races were rained out. Here is a video link to last weeks street stock feature at Farmer City.  The next race will be at Farmer City on Friday, 04/29/2011, where the winner of the street stock feature will get $600!


04/17/2011-It's Sunday and time for night number two at Farmer City. It rained this past Friday and there were no races, so tonight was the make-up. There were 144 cars in the pits which was a great turnout for a Sunday night.

You may recall that last week the 82 car was in desperate need of a new gear. Thankfully the 82 car did get a new gear and lots of other TLC this week. Jim replaced the rear-end gear, did waterpump repairs, added new u-joints, and a new right front shock.

There were 23 street stocks in attendance tonight and for the first time in many years the street stocks got to run a trophy dash, which was sponsored by Quinn's Towing. The top 6 from the feature last week got to run in this 6 lap event. Jim finished 7th last week but one car from the top 6 didn't show up so he is "in" the show. Jim starts the 82 car at that back of this one. The race starts and the 95 car of Travis Johnson takes off for the lead and win. He won the feature last week too. The 82 car starts to overheat with 5 laps in and Jim heads back to the pits on the last lap to diagnose the problem.

There were 3 heats and a semi-feature for the street stocks tonight at Farmer City. In the first heat was a caution fest, including one at the begining for a false start. There were 4 more cautions in this one including one near the end for 21 Troy Dodson who spun while leading and headed to the back. In the end, Terry Reed won this one followed by B9 Joe Brown and 16A Rick Alwood.

In the 2nd heat 19 Thrasher and an orange camaro (41?) start on the front row and Jim starts the 82 car 4th. The race starts and there is cluster of a wreck in turn 3 after the 99 car of Jarred Krick gets spun and Krick ends up leaving the track with a flat tire and the orange camaro left too. So, race restarts with the 19 and 82 cars on the front row. Race restarts and Jim and the 82 car take off for the lead. Jim has a pretty good lead going when the caution flies for a spin in turn 3. Race restarts with Jim in the lead and the 95 Lightning McQueen car of Travis Johnson following close behind. Jim is able to hold of the 95 car and the 82 car takes the checkers for its first Heat Win of the year.

The 3rd heat appeared to be more like a demo derby with #1 car bouncing off a lot of folks before leaving with a flat tire. In the end Mike McKinney wins this one followed by Brian Cassell and Roundtree.

Jerrad Krick won the street stock semi followed by Eric Wilson.

20 cars line up to race the street stock feature and Jim Quinn starts the 82 car on the front row outside. Race starts and they don't make it one lap before the yellow is flying for two cars that spin in 2. Complete restart. After another complete restart, Terry Reed and Mike McKinney take off for the lead with Jim in 3rd racing all together when the caution flies for another spin 2. Race restarts with McKenny and Reed on bottom and Quinn on the high side. At the halfway point Reed has the lead. Then the yellow waves for a spin on the front strectch and turn 2 too. Jim is still in 3rd at this point. At the restart, Travis Johnson passes Jim for third with two to go. Jim is able to get back around Johnson and in the end Terry Reed wins, followed by Mike McKinley, Jim Quinn, Travis Johnson and Joe Brown.

In the end, it was a great night of racing. Jesse Smith even made his hornet racing debut in the 72 Quinn's Towing hornet car. The next race is this Friday night at Farmer City. The Easter Bunny will be there at 5:30 with an easter egg hunt for kids 12 and under. Make plans to attend. Thanks for visiting the site.



04/15/2011-Mother Nature wins tonight, no races at Farmer City due to rain. However, they will be racing this Sunday 04/17/2011. Check back to see how the 82 car does then. Thanks for visiting.

4/08/2011- It's Friday and time to go racing the first time in 2011 at Farmer City. There were 110 cars in the pits tonight to race. Street Stocks ran 1st tonight and there were 14 of them in two heats.

The good news is a far as first nights go, we've had much worse. The car did come home in one piece and Jim managed to avoid the wrecks. The bad news is the 82 car did not have the right gear and just didn't have it's usual get-up-and-go. It has been noted that the "fix" to this is the need for a 650 rear-end gear. Hopefully the 82 car will be sporting one next week.

Jim started the 82 car 3rd in heat one. The 16A of Rick Alwood started on the pole and the 24A of Cassell  started beside him. The green flag flies and the 24A takes off for the lead with the 16A and the 82 right behind. A few laps in the one and only caution comes out when a #10 camaro leaves the track with apparent engine troubles.  Race restarts and it's 24A, 16A, 82 and 50. In the end, it was 24A for the win followed by 16A Alwood, Jim was third, followed by the 50 car and 46 Eric Wilson. Shaila videotaped the race and it should be posted later.

The second street stock heat had 8 cars in it and it was the 95 (Lightning McQueen) Travis Johnson show. He took off for a major lead of like a half a lap until the first caution came out. The 11 car of Semmons was in 3rd and made a bold move for 2nd in turn 1 when it didn't quite work and he spun at the top of 1/2 for the caution. The race restarts and the 95 takes off again for a sizable lead and goes onto win, followed by 48 Willburn, a #12 and a #9.

The feature had 14 cars and the 95 and 24A cars start on the front row.  The 82 car started 5th. A few laps in there were 2 cautions right in a row for spins and the rest of the race was caution free. The 95 car took off for the the lead with the 24A in 2nd. The 95 car of Travis Johnson went on for the win followed by the 24A, 11 Simmons, 16A Alwood, and #9. Jim was able to bring the 82 car across the line for a 7th place finish. There really was not much passing on the wet track in this one. 

It was a fun first night at the track for 2011. Check back for updates to this report including videos. Make plans to attend the races at Farmer City next Friday night. Thanks for visiting the site.


4/6/11-The 2011 racing season is here. The 82 car made it's first run at practice this past Sunday at Farmer City. Opening night at Farmer City is THIS Friday night, make plans to attend. For more info visit www.farmercityracing.com.

Here are some pics of Jim Quinn's 2011 practice run, Jesse Smith in the Quinn's Towing Hornet, and Rick Alwood in his 2011 ride. Thanks James Jones for the photos.


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