2010 Results

2010 was an interesting year of racing for the 82 Jim Quinn Racing Team. In the end, the new promoter at Farmer City did not run full schedule. There were a total of 6 nights of racing for the street stocks at Farmer City and the 82 car was  there for 5 of them. The first night Jim was at a Tow Show in Orlando and he did not race. 2 of the other nights the 82 car had heavy damage and didn't finish the feature. In the other 3 nights, Jim got 2 feature wins and a 2nd place finish. After racing only 5 of 6 nights Jim was 4th in points when the season came to an abrupt end in July.

In additon to racing 5 nights at Farmer City, Jim also raced 1 night at Macon and 1 night at Fairbury. He made it on to the track at Shepps for hot laps only to have rain start pouring down in the middle of it, ending the night early. Mother nature also ruined other planned trips to Macon this season.

Although the 82 car only raced 7 times this year it was an expensive year for repairs for sure. The first night out, after driving from 18th to 8th with three laps to go in the feature the rear axle broke. Leading to the replacement of the rear axle, rear-gear, and all sorts of brake parts. On May 28th, the ball-joint on the front passenger side broke while Jim was leading the heat race sending the 82 car head-on into the turn 3/4 wall HARD. The tire, rim, wheel, spindle, ball joint, shock, brake line, and tie rod were all replaced as a result of this incident. The 82 car also sustained front-end damage and a ruined tire when it was taken out in the heat race at Macon, by a car in which the driver was racing his 1st race.

In the end, in 2010 Jim won 2 features and 1 heat race in the 7 nights of racing for the year.

September 3, 2010 - Yes, it is Friday....but NO, there are no races at Farmer City. So, the 82 car will not be racing tonight. The 82 car was headed to Shepp's last Sunday but had mechanical problems and was unable to hit the track. The 82 car and lots of fans last hit the track on Friday, August 13, 2010 at Shepp's motor speedway. To bad it stared raining as the 82 and 16 cars were out on the track for hot laps and the night was over before it began. Check back to see if the 82 car makes it to another track soon. Thanks for visiting.

August 7, 2010 - Well, once again, the races at Farmer City for August 6th were unexplainably cancelled so on Saturday Jim and Tina took the 82 car to race at Fairbury for the $600 to win street stock special. It has been a couple of years since the 82 car has made the haul to Fairbury. This is the track that started it all for Quinn racing as this is where Jim's Grandpa, Frank Grant, took his seven daughters to watch the races every Saturday night. His daughters (Jim's mom included) continued the tradition by taking their kids to Fairbury on Saturday nights and Jim got his racing "bug" by attending weekly racing at both Farmer City and Fairbury as a child.

Tonight at Fairbury There were 32 street stocks and they got to qualify. Jim qualified the 82 13th out of 32 with a 16.238, the fast time of the night was a 15.489 (a new track record). Jim started the 82 car on the pole of the first heat, 2 of the fastest cars at the track started right behind him and those two went onto finish 1 and 2 and Jim brought the 82 car home 3rd, good enough to make the feature.

In the feature, Jim started the 82 car 9th and there were several cautions and in the end Jim was able to drive the 82 car to an 8th place finish. There was lots of beating and banging in this one so it was good just to be able to finish in one piece. Jim will investigate the rear-gear situation and select a different gear for the 82 car's next trip to Fairbury.

Here is a link to some of the photos taken at the Fairbury Street Stock Special:


July 23, 2010 - It's Friday and there was actually racing at Farmer City tonight. Jim started the 82 car on the front row of his heat and took off to lead by a w-i-d-e margin until the caution came out with just a few laps to go. At the restart Jim was able to take off once again and bring the 82 car across the line for the checkers in his first heat race win of the year.

The feature had a crazy start, there were 3 complete restarts and the finally started only to have caution after caution and several laps of "Sunday driving" while the track was cleaned. Finally, the real race got going and Jim took the off for the lead in the 82 car. The middle of the track was bumpy and not the place to be so the 82 car headed for the HIGH side and stayed there driving as smooth as could be around the track lap after lap. The Va11ow car of Jeff Simmons was close behind in 2nd but Jim was able to hold him off and WIN the feature. That's two-in-a-row for Jim at Farmer City, he won when they last ran on June 25th. Dee-Dee was not there to see this but received several texts and calls saying this was the best race ever to watch. So if anybody has this on video we would love to see it.

Shout-out to our friend Rick Alwood. It was great that he was able to bring the 16 car to Farmer City tonight and actually race it. The last time the car was at the track there were some mechanical issues in the hot laps and he didn't get to race it. Tonight all that changed and he was able to drive the 16 car to a 4th place heat race finish and a 6th place feature finish. Great job.

There have been 6 nights of racing for the street stocks at Farmer City and the 82 car has been there for 5 of them. The first night Jim was at a Tow Show in Orlando and he did not race. 2 of the other nights the 82 car had heavy damage and didn't finish the feature. In the other 3 nights, Jim got 2 feature wins and a 2nd place finish. After racing only 5 of 6 nights Jim is currently in 4th place in the points run. He is 45 pts out of 1st place. Jeff Simmons is 1st with 212, Chris Tackett is 2nd with 208, and Darrell LeHigh is 3rd with 185, Jim is 4th with 167.

Jim will not be racing the rest of this weekend or next weekend, but be sure to check back and see what track he makes it to next. The next race in Farmer City is Friday, August 6, 2010. Thanks for visiting the site.

July 17, 2010 - Farmer City has not raced since June 25th and the 82 car also has not hit the track since then. The next scheduled race at Farmer City is this Friday night, the 23rd. Check back to see how the 82 car does. Thanks for visiting.

June 25, 2010 -It's Friday and there was actually racing at Farmer City tonight. The Summer Nationals tour made a stop in Farmer City and a large crowd was on hand to see it.

The 82 car finished 2 in the heat and then started 3rd in the feature. There were 16 cars in this one and it was one of the best races of the night to watch. 76R Greg Rubencaker started on the pole and took of for the lead and Jim had the 82 car right behind him. Within in a few laps these two were side by side racing for the lead. Rubenacker stuck to the low side and Jim had the 82 car on the high side for lap after lap. There was a large hole/rut in the top of three which made for an interesting race. There were a few cautions but the race to watch was for 1st between the 76R and the 82. With just a few laps to go it was still side by side by the 82 had the edge and was able to maintain that coming out of 4 on the last lap and Jim drove the 82 to its first feature win of the year!  This was a very exciting race to watch. Rubenacker finished 2nd, 11 Simmons 3rd and Chris Tackett in the 0 car finished 4th after starting 16th. Got to give a shout out to Rick Alwood, who was able to make it to the track with the 16 car tonight only to have mechanical problems in the hot laps. It was great to see him out there though.

This was the 5th night of racing for the 82 car in 2010. Nights 1, 3, and 4 all resulted in heavy damage to the 82 car so it was nice to put that behind us. Thanks to everyone who has helped to put the 82 car back together this season, all your hard work paid off tonight. Check back to see if the 82 makes it to another track this weekend. Thanks for visiting.

June 18, 2010- It's Friday and once again there are no races at Farmer City so we are off to Mighty Macon Speedway, where mini-sprints, modifieds, hornets and street stocks were racing. There were 16 street stocks in attendance tonight. 

Jim starts the 82 car 8 out of 8 in the 2nd heat. Race starts and Jim takes off passing 2 cars the 1st lap. Great start, unfortunetly coming out of 4 a camaro on the high-side of Jim, whose driver was in his first street stock race, loses control and turns left direclty into the front passenger side tire of the 82 car! This causes the 82 car to turn directly to the left where the drivers side right front is then ran over by another car. So, after 1 lap the 82 car heads to the infield with a flat tire and lots of sheet metal damage. This race was like a demo with one out of control car and a few others bumpin and bangin to the end where the 15C camaro took the checkered flag.  After the race Jim heads to the pits to change tires and make other adjustments for the feature and then heads to the stands to hang out with his kids.

At feature time, Jim starts the 82 car 16 out of 16. The race starts and Jim starts a charge to the front. I beleive there were 3 cautions in this one, the 82 car was able to avoid these, a car repeadetly banging him in the rear in, and some other crazy moves to bring the 82 car across the line for a 7th place finish. Mike Pickering went on to win this race and he also won the first street stock heat.

Videos of these races and pictures will be posted in a bit, so check back to few those. Thanks for visiting the site.

 June 15, 2010 -Mother nature wins tonight. The 82 car was headed to Mighty Macon Speedway to race to night and see Tony Stewart. However, at 4:00 p.m. the skies opened up and the rain poured down and there was no racin at Macon tonight. Check back to see if the 82 car makes it to a track this weekend.

June 11,2010- For some unknown reason there were no races at Farmer City tonight. There were supposed to be races this past Wednesday night at Farmer City and those were cancelled too. Now, the next races at Farmer City are scheduled for next Friday, June 25th.

In the meantime, all of us are tired of sitting around waiting to go racing. So, plans are being made to take the 82 car to a track tomorrow or another night this week. Check back to see if we make it.

As you may recall, the 82 car is having a "Grand" time this year, its been raced three times this year and the first and third times the damage from taking the car to the track has been about a $Grand. The 2nd night it raced to two 2nd place finishes in the heat and feature. Hopefully all the "grand" damage is done for the year.

Here is an update on the repairs to the 82 car after its meet-and-greet with the turn 3 wall on May 28th, the tire, rim, wheel, spindle, ball joint, shock, brake line, and tie rod have all been replaced and the 82 car is now ready to hit the track once again.

Check back this week to see if the 82 car makes it to another central IL track. Thanks for visiting.

Check out the 2010 82 car photo album in the photo gallery to see new pics of the 82 car from this year.

May 28, 2010 - Farmer City raceway was back in action tonight after taking a week off last week.

Before we get to the recap we have to give a couple of "shout-outs":

1) To our good friend Rick Alwood who was not able to make it to the track tonight. We missed you and hope you are feeling much better super quick!

2) To 33C Rod Icorn for letting Jim drive his car in the feature tonight. A big thank you to Rod, we appreciate it.

The night started with a lengthy delay after the late model and modifieds qualfied and then the track was basically re-preped. Finally, it was time to go racing. The street stocks were up first and Jim started the 82 car on the front row of the 7 car race. The race started and Jim quickly took off for the lead, It was all going really good for two laps and then it went real bad, real quick. The ball-joint on the front passenger side of the 82 car broke sending the 82 car, which was flying by the way, into the wall between turn 3 and 4 HARD. Thankfully the driver was not hurt in this scary looking crash, unfortunelty the same cannot be said for the 82 car. There is heavy damage $$$ to the right front of the car. Check back tomorrow for more details on the damage and pictures. The race continued with 75 Corey Young taking the lead and going onto win. Once the 82 car returned to the pits it was determined the car was done for the night.

The second street heat had 6 cars and the race in this one was between 38 Gary Barnes and Va11ow Jeff Simmons. Barnes led for a good while and was eventually passed by Simmons who went onto win followed by Barnes, Greg Rubenacker, Darrel LeHigh and Chris Tackett.

After the heats, Rod Icorn offered to let Jim drive his 33C car in the street stock feature. At the time Jim was 6th in points so driving the car would help him not to lose to many points as the 82 car was out of comission. Jim started the 33C 10th out of 10 cars in the feature. It was fun to watch Jim wheel the 33C camaro around the track and he did a great job driving a car he had never driven before. 11 Jeff Simmons and 38 Barnes battled for the lead in this one. Simmons went onto win followed by Barnes, Rubanacker, and Tackett. Jim finished 9th in this one. THANK YOU once again to Rod Icorn for the use of the 33C tonight.

Once again, there is no racing next Friday night at Farmer City. However, there will be racing a few days later there on Wednesday, June 9, 2010 for a sprint car special and the streets will be racing that night.

Check back tomorrow for more info on the damage to the 82 cars and photos. Thanks for visiting.

May 14, 2010 - Jim spent the week putting not one but two rear-ends in the 82 car. Repaired the damage from last week, then decided to get a new one. Thanks Brad and everyone else who helped with this effort this week.

On to the races, there were 14 street stocks in 2 heats tonight at Farmer City. Congrats to #71 Darrell LeHigh on winning the first heat. Jim starts the 82 car 4th in heat number two. There were three cautions in this event and in the end. The Va11ow car of Jeff Simmons wins this one and Jim brings the 82 car across the line for a 2nd place finish.

In the feature, 71 LeHigh and 11 Simmons on the front row. Jim starts the 82 car third, 2nd row inside, in this one. The race starts and the 82 car charges to the front with 71 LeHigh right behind him. They race 4 laps before the first caution for a spin in one. At this point is 82, 71, and Va11ow. Race restarts and Jim maintains the lead and there is some great side by side racing action between 82 and 71. 71 goes high into one and spins in between 1 and 2 bringing out the caution. Now its 82, Va11ow and 0 Tackett. Race restarts and the 82 car takes off, the 0 gets past Va11ow and the race is on between the 82 and 0. Jim continues to lead every lap when the white flag flies the 82 and 0 battle through 1 and 2 only to come upon a slower car with a flat, the 82 and 0 squeeze by and the 0 car takes the lead. 0 Chris Tackett goes on to win with Jim very close behind in the 82 car for 2nd, followed by Va11ow, 00 Brewer, 10, and 19 Thrasher.

For some unknown reason there are NO races at Farmer City next week. Check back to see if the 82 car makes it to a different track.

May 7, 2010 - No racing this weekend for the 82 car, check back next week to see how the night goes at Farmer City. Thanks.

April 30, 2010 - Tonight at Farmer City is was the King of Dirt 4th annual Street Stock Nationals special. 40 Street Stocks showed up to race in this event. Tonight qualifying did not start until 7:30 and only the late models qualfied. Street Stocks were the first up to race and the first race was at 8:00.

The 82 car made it's first appearance for the 2010 season tonight and raced in the first heat. Jim started the 82 car 3rd Row/Inside (5th) on a very muddy track. 38 Gary Barnes and 0 Chris Tackett start on the front row of what was supposed to be a 10 car race, however, the 8J missed the start. Tackett takes off for the lead followed by 38 Gary Barnes, Corey Young and Jim in the 82. About three laps in there is a caution for the 64 of Brad Rogers who has problems on the front stretch. Race restarts and Tackett takes off for the lead and his car starts pouring a trail of white smoke. This continues for a few laps when all of the sudden a ball of fire shoots out from under his car. He heads for the infield and safely exits the car, this brings out caution #2. Race continues and Gary Barnes goes on to win followed by Corey Young and Jim Quinn brings the 82 car across the line in 3rd. The top three make it into the $1500 to win feature and all three head to the infield for post race inspection.

There were 3 more drama filled heats for the streets and 2 semi-features before it was time for the $1500 to win street stock feature. Jim started the 82 car 11th out of 20 on a very tacky track for the 20 lap feature. This thing was crazy and lasted for 27 mins. The race takes off and B Chuck Barnes has problems in turn 1, yellow comes out, complete restart. Race restarts and a few laps in it was time for caution number 2 win the 63P car spins in 2. It takes forever for this thing to line back up. 12 Scott Pratt, 90 Farris, and 00 Greg Brewer are the top three at this point. The 82 car is racing in the mid pack when in about 11th coming out of 4 someone taps him sending him up into the infield. He is able to make it back on the track but lost like 7 positions and is now in 18th! Caution #3 comes out a few laps later for a spin off the backstretch and a wreck in turn 1/2. There is heavy damage to the front end of Scott Schooners car and he leaves the track. Race continues with 12 Scott Pratt still leading.

A few more laps in the 19 car of Scott Thrasher slows in turn 4 to bring out caution #4. 71 Darrell LeHigh leaves the track at this point too. It takes forever to line the race up after this. At the restart Jim has the 82 car in 11th with 9 to go. Its still 12 Pratt from IA up front followed, by 46 Paul Felker (SP) Jr. from MO, the Farmer City regulars 00 Greg Brewer and 97 Josh Griffith. A few laps later caution #5 comes out when 38 Gary Barnes has problems on the front stretch and for debris. Race restarts and a few short laps later it's time for caution #5 when Gary Barnes gets spun in 4. Now Jim has driven the car from 18 to 8 and its time for another lengthy line-up to get ready to go for the last 3 laps!

Green flag flies and 12 Pratt and 90 Farris take off at front. 1 lap later someone drives into the left rear quarter of Jim's 82 car and the axle splits sending the tire flying into the air.:(  With 2 to go the 82 leaves the track. 12 Scott Pratt goes on to win the cash followed by 46 Felker, 00 Brewer, 97 Griffith, 11 Simmons, 66, 28, 90 Farris, 63P, 38, and 289. I believe Jim finished 12th or 13th.

It hasn't happened for a few years, but the 82 car returned to days-gone-by tonight, starting out the first night of the year with a major incident. The rear axle of the 82 car is broke and will need to be replaced along with all sorts of brake parts. Check back for an update on the 82 car. There is NO racing next Friday night at Farmer City so it might be a couple of weeks before the 82 car hits the track again.

Here is a link to some awesome videos McKinney Multimedia created of tonights heat races.


Carrie taped tonights feature race with Dee-Dee's video camera, its 27 mins long and if I can figure out how to get that on youtube I will post it later. Thanks for visiting the site.

April 23, 2010 - Mother nature was the winner tonight at Farmer City. Rainout #1. The website is under construction, check back this week for the complete new look.

April 14, 2010 - Jim was traveling for work this week and was not at Farmer City tonight to race the 82 car. Dee-Dee could have driven it but then it most likely would have been done for the season on the first night. Jim and the 82 car will be back at the track next week so be sure to check back and see how he does. Maybe by then the website will be updated for the new season too.

Congrats to Chris Tackett who won both his heat and the Street Stock feature tonight at Farmer City!! Congrats also to Eric Hail on his heat win!

Here are the full results: http://www.speednetdirect.com/results.php?track_id=6134




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