2009 Results

 2009 Racing Recap - the raod to championship #6

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped out with cash, repairs, or cheers for the 82 car this year. It's been a great one.

The racing season is complete and the 82 car is parked at the shop for the winter here's a look at this years results:


 2009 Race Results

Farmer City:

Heat Wins: 6 

Feature Wins: 4

Top 5 Feature Finishes: 8

Top 10 Feature Finishes:  3

Farmer City Rainouts:  8

Track Championship Winner!

The 82 car also made it to Vermillion Co Speedway this year where Jim finished 6th in the heat and 11th in the feature.

September 4, 2009-This is it, the last night for points at Farmer City. Going into tonight 82 Jim Quinn has only a 30 point lead in the points over the #9 of Terry Miller. Jim is trying to defend he back-to-back-to-back championships. He has 3 in a row since 2006. If Terry Miller were to win both his heat and the feature tonight Jim would have had to finish 7th or better in the feature to win the championship.

Tonight at Farmer City it is the Farmer City 50. A big race for the late models that pays $5,000 to win. The cars showed up for this one as it was a perfect night for racing. There were 37 Late Models, 25 Modifieds, 20 Street Stocks and 22 Hornets.

The street stocks take to the track first. There were 2 heats with 10 cars each. In the first heat 47 Hugh Johnson leads for several laps, but Gary Cook Sr. charges to the front and passes him with a few laps to go for the win. Cook Sr. wins, followed by 47 Johnson, Z Simmens, 97 Griffith, 19 Thrasher, 61 Schoener, 7 Houser, 44 L Leonetti, B25 Klausner, and 4 Jiles.

The points contenders are both in the 2nd heat. 58 Jerit Muphy and 82 Jim Quinn start on the front row while 9 Terry Miller starts 5th. The race starts and Jim and the 82 car take off for a pretty good lead. It's not long and the 9 Miller car is right there with him and the race was on. Terry tried everything to pass Jim, including some fun to watch moves in turn 3. Jim was able to hold off all these manuevers and go on to WIN heat race number 2. He was followed across the line by 9 Miller, 0 Tackett, 58 Murphy, 71 Lehigh, 25 Osman, 76R Rubenacker, 44 Orrick, 50 McNeese, and 33B Bearbaum. So, at this point for the night Jim now has a 31 point lead over Miller going into the feature.

As the streets went first for the heats we have to wait Forever for the feature after track officials change the running order for the feature and decide to run the street stocks LAST. This is real good for the nerves of the driver, fans, and crew of the 82. We did get to see some great racing action while we waited. Congrats to 25 Jason Feger, 128 Brian Harris, and 99L Jason Maier on winning the other features at Farmer City tonight.

Finally, it is time for the Street Stock Feature. The last points race of the year. Tina, Carrie, Joe, Haley, Angie, Dakota, Mason, Dee-Dee and Madison all head to the grandstands to watch this event and sit nicely (not for long) in two rows waiting to see what happens. Gary Cook Sr. and 82 Jim Quinn start on the front row and 9 Terry Miller starts 3. The race starts and Cook Sr. takes of for the lead with Quinn and Miller close behind. About three laps in, a caution comes out for a spin. At this same time, the 9 car of Miller unintentionally gets into the 82 car!!! Giving the 82 car a flat tire! So, the 82 car heads to the infield for a tire change. Which seems to take roughly 2 to 3 days, well not really but it seemed like it. Finally, the 82 car heads back out onto the track. He has to go to the rear of a 20 car field while Terry Miller is up front in 2nd place.  

At this point, all of us who sitting so nicely in the grandstand scatter. Dee-Dee and Madison went for a walk and walked numerous laps around the grand stand, Carrie paced back and forth between the bleachers, and Tina was standing up for the rest of the race. The race restarts and quickly there was another caution. Then the 97 of Josh Griffith and the 9 of Terry Miller crash into each other and both spin bringing out the caution. Now, it's Terry's turn to head to the back of the back and Griffith has to go to. There were one or two more cautions after that and then the race continued. At the end, Gary Cook Jr wins followed by 0 Tackett, 61 Schoener, Z Simmons, 71 LeHigh, points leader Jim Quinn brings the 82 car across the line in 7th, and points chaser Terry Miller brings the 9 car across the finish line in 8th.

The 7th place feature finish gave Jim 36 points, while Terry Miller received 34 points for his 8th place finish. So, the final points tally for the 2009 season is Jim Quinn WINS the points Championship with 758 points, finishing 33 points ahead of 9 Terry Miller who ended up with 725.

This is the 4th year in a row that Jim has won the Championhip at Farmer City. Jim is now a 6 time track champion, he also won the championsip at Farmer City in 1999 and at Lincoln Speedway in 2004.

There was lots of celebraing in the pits with the traditional welch's sparkling grape juice and a big cookie from Mrs. Fields.

It was an exciting night to say the least, check back for photos and to see if the 82 car makes it to another track this year. There is one more night of racing left at Farmer City on the 18th.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has helped out with cash, repairs, or cheers for the 82 car this year. It's been a great one.

Farmer City Raceway 08/28/09

August 28, 2009  - A little hard to race on a track that looks like this. Lots of rain overnight means no racing tonight at Farmer City. Next week is the last night of racing for the season at Farmer City and the final night for the points race. Jim and the 82 car and Terry Miller in the 9 care are locked in a tight points race that will come to an end next week. Jim currently has a 30 point lead over Terry Miller. If Terry were to win both his heat and the feature, Jim would need 35 points to win the championship. If Jim got no points in his heat race, he would need to finish 7th or better in the feature to clinch the championship if Terry were to win both races.

Make plans to attend this exciting night which also features a $5,000 to win/50 lap late model race, modifieds, and hornets. If you can't make it to the track, be sure to check back next week to see what happens.

It's Birthday party weekend, happy birthday to Cheyenne and Madison. Both turned a year older on Thursday and we will spend the weekend at their parties to celebrate.

August 21, 2009-After one wild week of weather and more rain tonight, mother nature is the only winner this week. The races were rained out tonight. Check back next week to see how the 82 car does. The super tight points race at Farmer City will be over in 2 weeks. Jim has a 30 point lead over Terry Miller and the most points you can get in one night is 64. This is gonna be fun. Check back to see what happens.

August 14, 2009 - 14 street stocks at Farmer City tonight. 2 heats with 7 cars each. Heat one winner 88 Al Crawley followed by 28 and 3. Heat two winner, Chris Tackett, Jim brought the 82 car home 2nd in this one followed by the 10 and 9 of Miller. In the feature, Jim started the 82 car 4th and brought it across the line in 3rd for the finish. Chris Tackett won followed by 88, 82, and 9. Thanks to Tina for her help with this info. Check back for more details on tonights racing and an update on the points race.

August 7, 2009 - Unfortunelty, mother nature was the only winner at the track tonight. The races at Farmer City were rained out tonight. Check back to see how the 82 car does next week, only 3 nights left in the points chase and Jim has a 23 point lead currently in the points race.

July 31, 2009 - It's Friday and were supposed to be racing but it was after 7:00 p.m. before we made it to the track. After last weeks racing action the 82 car was in need of some serious repair. The rear-end gear broke and Jim spent the week putting it back together, the 82 car will be getting a new rear-end but it wasn't quite ready to go. So, Jim continued to work on it tell after 5:00 tonight and then got the rest of the car ready to go racing.

At 6:30 Tina and Dee-Dee were watching the kids dance and ride scooters in the front of the tow shop while Jim got the sand out of the air cleaner from last weeks trip to Danville. Finally, we were off to the races.

There were 13 streets in 2 heats tonight. Chris Tackett won the 1st heat. In the 2nd heat, Jim started the 82 car next to 9 Terry Miller (they were only seperated by 9 pts going into the night). The race starts and 9 Miller and the 82 car take off for the lead leaving everyone else behind. Miller goes onto win and Jim brings the 82 car across the line in 2nd for this one.

After the heat race, it is discovered that the 82 car has some Major suspension problems. At this point, Jim finds a flat spot in front of the pit shack and he and Brad Shane and others go to work fixing the suspension.

In the feature, there were 13 streets. Jim started the 82 car 3rd with Miller and Tackett on the front row. This race was a serious caution fest. The race starts and 9 miller takes off for the lead. Several laps in the 19 spins and the caution flies, several more laps in the 7 car spins and thus the caution fest begins. There were four more cautions for debris, spins and a wreck on the front stretch.

Meanwhile, there was some great racing at the front. Miller took off for the lead with 0 Tackett and Jim had the 82 close behind, at one point they were racing 3 wide. Miller continues to lead through all the cautions with Tackett 2nd, Quinn 3rd and then 88 Crawley. With 3 to go its Miller and Crawley up high and Tackett and Jim are low with Jim in 4th when he gets by Tackett. White flag flies its 9, 88, 82, 0. Going into 4 on the last lap Terry Miller smacks the wall and has to check up as he damaged his car. So, out of 4 it's Crawley high and and Jim has the 82 flying low and fast when it takes off down the front stretch and crossed the finish line 1st for Jim's 4th feature win of the year.

It was an exciting night at the track. A huge thanks to Jim &TIna, Rick Alwood, Brad Shane and others who helped to get the 82 car back up front this week. Check back for photo updates and the latest on the points race at Farmer City.  

July 25, 2009 - Date night for Jim and Tina was a trip to Vermillion County Speedway in Danville tonight. It has been years since Jim had raced at the track. It was a very nice facility but did not appear to be the cars favorite track. Street Stocks can run wide open all the way around the track but passing can be difficult.

There were 15 street stocks and Jim started the 82 car last in the 2nd heat, in the end he finished 6th out of 7th.

The feature had 14 cars in it and some crazy driving. The 82 car raced several laps side by side with another car and after a caution lined up for the restart. Only to have someone practically drive through him and several other cars at the restart, everyone was able to continue on. The race continues and then another car and the 82 get together, the 82 spins and both cars head to the back. In the end, Jim was credited with a 11th place finish in this one.

Tonight at Vermillion Co speedway is the Bill Nelson Memorial Race. Jim really wanted to attend this race but is not going to be able to. Bill was a true friend and mentor who is definetly missed. Good Luck to everyone racing at that event tonight.

July 24, 2009 - It's Friday and time for fair week racing at Farmer City. The rides at the fair were a big disappointment since half the kids in our family were to big to ride them, but the racing was great. 13 Street Stocks showed up tonight at Farmer City to race.

Jim started the 82 car on the front row of heat one for the streets with 7 cars. The race starts and on the first lap two cars get together in turn 3 causing a complete restart. At the restart, Jim takes off for the lead and is leading by a wide margin while 88 Al Crawley is racing up through the field. Crawley catches up with Jim and goes high and low trying to pass him. The 82 car keeps the lead and Jim goes onto win his 5 heat of the year with Crawley finishing second.

The 2nd street stock heat has 6 cars and no cautions. 21 Dodson goes onto win followed by 11 Reed and 9 Terry Miller.

In the feature, there was a one row invert so 11 Terry Reed and 88 Al Crawley start on the front row and Jim and Troy Dodson start in row two. The race starts and Dodson dives to the inside in turn one, Jim hits the brakes to avoid him and Terry Miller has no where to go and hits Jim causing him to spin. The caution then comes out for a complete restart. At this point both Dodson and Jim take off for the front. Dodson leads and Jim is right there with him for several laps. With about 3 to go, the 82 car has a mechanical problem and Jim has to head to the infield. The problem was determined to be a broken rear-end gear. Meanwhile, back on the track, 9 Terry Miller and 11 Terry Reed pass Dodson for the lead. Miller goes onto win followed by Reed and Dodson.

Jim then takes the 82 car back to the shop and spends hours fixing the rear-end gear so he can take the 82 car to the Bill Nelson memorial at Danville tonight. Unfortunetly, that race has now been moved to Sunday and Jim will most likely not be able to make that race. Check back to see a points update and if the 82 car makes it to another track this weekend.

We would like to send our thoughts and prayers to the family of Jack Tyne who passed away yesterday. We always enjoyed watching him take the 89 car to victroy lane at Fairbury.

July 17, 2009 - It's Friday and were back racing at Farmer City.  It was a "balmy" 67 degrees with 20mph winds when we arrived at the track. Is this really July? There were 17 street stocks in 2 heats tonight at Farmer City.

This week Jim and some friends spent some time reparing and fixing the set up of the 82 car. All this hard work paid off with some great racing tonight at the track.

The first heat had 9 cars with 38 Gary Barnes and 23JR starting on the front row. 23JR takes off for the lead and has it by a wide margin over 88 Al Crawley when the only caution of the race comes out on the white flag lap for a spin in 4. Race restarts for one more lap and 23JR Funk goes onto win followed by 88 Crawley, 0 Tackett, 1 Billington, 97 Griffith, 71 LeHigh, 19 Thrasher, 99 Miller and 38 Barnes.

 The 2nd heat had 8 cars with and Jim started the 82 car on the front row alongside the 7 of Brandon Houser. The race starts and the 82 car takes off for the lead, however, on the first lap the 34 car spins bringing out the caution and setting up a complete restart. At this point, everyone parks on the front stretch while the owner of the missing gas cap found on the track is located. Owner found and race restarts. Jim and the 82 car takes off for the lead and is followed by 21 Troy Dodson and 18 Terry Miller with 23T Rick Thomas charging up from the rear. Race continuse when all the sudden the rear tire of the 2nd place car Dodson goes flying off up in the air and lands on the horse track and that's where the 21 car ended up to. Race continues on and Jim Quinn brings the 82 car across the line for his heat win #82 of his career. He was followed by 18 Miller who started 5th, 23T Thomas who started 8th, 7 Brandon Houser, 500 Steve Adams, 23 Hugh Johnson, 34 Jeromy Reed, and 21 Troy Dodson.

The street stock feature race was simply awesome to watch. Jim starts the 82 car on the front row alongside 23JR Joel Funk. The races starts and 23JR takes off only to have a car slow on the front stretch bringing out the caution. Race restarts and the race is on literally, 23JR takes off with Quinn right behind then the 18 of Miller, 23T Thomas and the 0 of Tackett who looked bad fast comes flying up to join them. 3 laps in, Quinn's in 5th, with the 18 in front of him and 23JR is low with 23T and 0Tackett ridin high up front, actually everyone was nearly side by side. Anyway, these 5 continue to race swap the lead by being up high or down low. Then 23 JR has mechanical probs and heads for the infield. So then 23T and 0 up high and 82 and 18 down low but they're really all next to each other. It was crazy fun to watch. Last lap 23T crosses first and Jim brings the 82 car across the line 2nd, followed by 0 Tackett, 18 Miller, and 97 Josh Griffith. This was a great race and hopefully we can get a video of it on here. 

The points race continues at Farmer City and Jim maintains the points lead with 569 pts, a 31 pt lead over Terry Miller in 2nd with 531. There are five nights left in the points race this year.

Next week is the Farmer City Fair with Motorcycle racing Wednesday night, Demo Derby Thrusday and racing Friday. During intermission Jim and Kyle Hammer raced there four-wheelers on the Quad track to put on an exhibition for the event on Wed. Make plans to join us at the fair.

July 10, 2009 -It's Friday and time for racing at Farmer City. Tonight there were 10 street stocks that came to race. They were all put in one heat and Jim started the 82 car 4th in this one. There was one caution two laps in and at this point 97 Josh Griffith leads. Race continues and in the end, 97 Griffith wins followed by 0 Tackett, and 18 Miller. Jim brought the 82 car across the line in 6th.

In the feature, Jim starts the 82 car 7 out of 10 cars. Race starts with 0 and 97G on the front row and was restarted after a bad start. Then with one in they got to line up again after someone spun in 4. At this point 97G Griffith has the lead. Race for awhile then two cars have seperate spins in four and the caution flies. At this point Jim has the 82 car up to 6th and 97 still has the lead. The race restarts and the 18 car takes the lead. Then the caution flies again when a car goes off the high side on the back stretch. 18 Miller has the lead and goes onto win as there were no more cautions. He was followed by 23T Rick Thomas, 97G Griffith, 23JR Joel Funk, and 82 Quinn came across the line in 5th, followed by 76Rubbenacker, 0 Tackett, 71 LeHigh, 47 Johnson and 16H Hellman. 97 Griffith won the heat.

The points race at Famer City is tightening up. Jim still maintains the points lead with a 27 pt lead over Terry Miller who is in 2nd.

July 3, 2009 - Its Friday and were back racing at Farmer City. It was one busy night for Quinn Racing tonight at Farmer City. In addition to racing, we had a 4th of July party on the bus, complete with a piniata, flags, glow wristbands and lots of treats all the kids on the bus and all the kids around the bus enjoyed all this great stuff. Also, tonight Jim's mom picked up the 2009 Quinn Racing Shirts and brought them to the track for their debut. So, we all spent lots of time looking those over and we sold a lot too. The track also had an awesome fireworks show at dusk that kept everyone entertained. In addition to all this excitement there was also racing and here is a recap of that:

There were 13 Street Stocks in 2 heats. Jim started the 82 car 7th out of 7 in the first heat. This was a very competitive race that was caution free. The 23T of Rick Thomas won followed by the 21, both started on the front row. Jim brought the 82 car across the line 4th in this one.  Terry Miller won the 2nd heat by a wide margin while driving a different car tonight, the #18 Monte Carlo. 

The feature had 12 cars and Jim started the 82 car 6th with there was some rough racing in this one with 2 cautions. Rick Thomas wen onto win followed by 18 Terry Miller and Jim drove the 82 car to a 3rd place finish in this one.  

Check back for a points update after tonights racing action. Have a safe and Happy 4th of July and be safe out there.

June 29, 2009 -It's Monday and time to go racing at Farmer City. The UMP Summer Nationals Late Model race is being ran tonight and the Streets get to race. This week Jim breaks the string of high number draw and drew a 46 to determing his starting spot. There were 13 Street Stocks in attendance.

The first heat had 7 cars and they were all fast cars. Jim started the 82 car third. There were no cautions in this one and everyone was racing for the front. In the end only one car and win and that was the 23T of Rick Thomas. He was followed by Josh Griffith, Steve Ewing, Greg Rubenacker and Jim who brought the 82 car across the line for a 5th place finish, Terry Miller was 6th, and Bob Simmons 7th.

The 2nd SS heat was long and caution filled. 0 Chris Tackett led every lap and won. He was followed by Mike Hope Jr, Hugh Johnson, Lenny Summar, Codie Miller and Chuck Barnes Jr.

The feature was interesting with lots of fast cars starting at the back. The race starts and 23T Thomas and 22H Hope take off for the lead. Jim starts 9th and is racing the low side with another car when a car that had been racing the high side decides to come down and join them??? The car in front of Jim hits the brakes and slides sideways to miss this car and jim has no where to go and hits the brakes tapping the car in front of him that slowed, causing that car to spin. The car that had been on the hide side and Jim continue on and the other car sits in four bringning out the first caution. As this point the 82 car is sent to the back for the race restart. 23T Thomas, 97G Griffith and 0 Tackett are battling for the lead at this point. The races continues with one more caution for two cars that leave the track with problems. In the end, Josh Griffith goes onto win followed by Chris Tackett, Rick Thomas, Steve Ewing, Greg Rubenacker, Terry Miller, Chuck Barnes, Jim brought the 82 across the line in 8th after restarting 13th, Hugh Johnson, Bob Simmons, Cody Miller, Lenny Summar, and Mike Hope Jr.

Jim maintains a 51 point lead over Chuck Barnes Jr in the points race, Terry Miller is in 3rd 57 pts back.

Dennis Erb Jr. went onto win the Late Model Summer Nationals make-up race.

The 82 car will be back in action this Friday night for the 4th of July celebration at the track with fireworks. Check back to see how he does. 


 June 26, 2009 - No racing at Farmer City tonight as the Summer National races cancelled last week have been rescheduled for this Monday, June 29th. Jim will be racing the 82 car Monday night so be sure to check back to see how he does. It's one busy weekend for the Quinn's with Shai and Chey softball tournements/games, a first time wedding for our 40- something cousin (Good Luck Debbie and Jan!) and of course towing 24/7. Be sure to check back Monday night to see how weeknight racin goes!

June 19, 2009 -Well, it was going to be some great racing tonight at Farmer City ---The Summer Nationals! Sadly at about 4:00 Mother Nature showed up and changed that plan. The races were rained out tonight for the 5th time this year. There will be a make-up date to be announced for this night of racing.

June 12, 2009 -It's Friday and time for night number 7 at Farmer City. It was a nice night for racing and 18 street stocks showed up to race. Street Stocks draw for position and the 82 car might be in need of a new drawer after 3 straight weeks of high-number draws leading to back row starts in the heats. Jim started the 82 car 9th of 9 cars in heat 2. This race starts and 11 Jeff Simmons and 19 Scott Thrasher on the front row. Simmons takes off but Darrell LeHigh shoots toward the lead and leads several laps. Meanwhile, at the back of the back the 82 car is trying to head towards the front. However, there are lots of other folks trying to get there to. There was a group of 3 or four cars battling for postion and racing each other they were unable to charge to the front as a group. Simmons eventually passed LeHigh back for the lead and went onto win the race. He was followed by 71 LeHigh, 76 Greg Rubanacker, 19 Scott Thraser, 330 Chris Burton, 21 Troy Dodson, Jim Quinn who brought the 82 car across the line in 7th, then Blake Shelly and Cody Miller. This race was caution free. Here is a link to the video of this race http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG3YSLJx-lE&feature=channel_page

The first Street Stock heat race was also cauton free.  Terry Miller and Chuck Barnes JR started on the front row and were the lead contenders in this one. Terry Miller went on to win followed by Chuck Barnes JR, Josh Griffith, Doug Sauder, Chris Tackett, Hough Johnson, Brandon Houser, Brad Klausner, and Brandon Cool.

It's feature time and the cars pull onto the track and the 82 car is starting in the 13th spot. This was a caution filled event with atleast 5 cautions one for a car slowing on the front stretch, one when the leaders had troubles, and the rest for spins. 17 streets start the race and 11 Jeff Simmons and 9 Terry Miller take off for the lead. Simmons pulls ahead and is leading when the first caution flies. At this point, Jim has driven the 82  car from 13th to 6th. the race with a couple more cautions, one of which occurs when the leaders have trouble. Terry Miller left the track with a flat tire and Jeff Simmons had mechanical probles. At this point, Chuck Barnes takes over the lead, followed by Greg Rubenacker, and Jim Quinn moves the 82 car into 3rd! This group keeps the same spots through a few more cautions for spins, in 2 and 4. The last caution came with just a few laps to go and at that point Chuck Barnes took off for the win followed by Greg Rubenacker. Jim Quinn crossed the line 3rd after starting 13th and Blake Shelly is fourth after staring 16th, these two were almost side by side at the line, and Chris Tackett in 5th. Here is a link to the video from this race http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8USxR8_6YY

Here is a look at the points after 7 nights of racing: Jim has the lead by 53 points with 385, Chuck Barnes Jr is 2nd with 332, who is followed by Terry Miller with 324.

It was a fun night at the track, thanks to the Quinn's in the grandstands who ventured out to watch the 82 car tonight. Next week it's the summer nationals at Farmer City, make plans to attend this exciting event!

June 5, 2009 -It's Friday and time for night number 6 at Farmer City. After repairing the damage from last week and making a few other adjustments, the 82 car was ready to go racing. There were 13 street stocks in attendance. Jim started the 82 car 7th out of 7 cars in the first Street Stock heat. The race was caution free and each lap Jim got the 82 car a little closer to the front. With 2 to go he was in third and he kept moving up. On the last lap it was the 82 car that took the checkered flag for the last to first WIN. He was followed by Chuck Barnes, Troy Dodson, Josh Griffith, Hugh Johnson, Chris Burton, and Chris Tackett.

The second heat had 6 cars, 1 caution, and Terry Miller won it followed by Al Crawley, Codie Miller, Scott Trasher, Wayne Orrick, and Greg Osman.

In the feature, JIm started on the front row next to Terry Miller. There was a great race for the lead between Quinn, Miller, and Chuck Barnes Jr. The 82 car led every single lap and had a sizeable lead in the middle of the race. Towards the end, 9 Terry Miller started to chase down the 82 car. Jim was able to hold onto the lead and took the 82 car to victory lane for the 3rd feature win of the year. To celebrate 2 of Jim's friends climbed the fence in honor of the victory. The kids on the bus were actually on the front stretch for this one and got have their photo taken in victory lane. It was a great night at the track for the 82 car. Videos from the night are posted on the video link above.

May 29, 2009-It's Friday and time for night number 5 at Farmer City. After last weeks events at the track the driver of the 82 car decided it was in need of a little attention. This week while looking over the car Jim determined it "was all jacked up" basically in need of some repiars. The repairs were made an the 82 car was ready to head for the action at the track tonight. There were 14 street stocks ready to race tonight.

Jim started the 82 car 7th out of 7 cars in heat 1. Jim described the heat race as "cool and a lot of fun" This race had the drama-4 cars, including the 82, were battling for the lead at one point they were trying to go 4 wide into turn 4. It was an exciting race and this continued for few laps. The 82 car made it up to third and then as Jim said "the driver got greedy" and the 82 car looked like it was trying to win the race from 3rd and spun out in turn 2! Jim then takes the 82 car back to 7th where it all began. There were like 3 laps left at this point and Jim was able to drive the 82 car to a 4th place finish. 76R Greg Rubenacker won followed by the 21 of Troy Dodson and the 0 of Chris Tackett.  

Heat 2 had 7 cars and none of the drama like in heat 1. B Chuck Barnes won by a straightaway over 9 Terry Miller and Miller had a sizable lead over the 3rd place car of Travis Phipps.

By feature time, the track was in rough shape. Jim described the track as one groove and that was at the bottom. Not the best racing conditions but it was still an exciting race to watch. Jim started the 82 car 6th. 76 Greg Rubenacker took of for the lead and led the first few laps. There was an early caution for debris and at this point 76 Rubenacker led followed by 9 Miller, B Barnes, 82 Quinn. Race restarts and the 9 car takes the lead, he leads a few laps and the 76 gets into the back of the 9 going into 4, Jim then gets into back of 76 as the 82 car had no where to go. All cars "save it" and continue on. Then caution for a spin, race restarts and B barnes takes over the lead and keeps it for the rest of the race as Miller tried but was unable to catch him. Miller got 2nd followed by Rubenacker in 3rd and Jim brought the 82 across the line for a 4th place finish, 21 Dodson finished 5th. 

Unfortunetly, the contact with the 76 R car caused significant damage to the front end of the 82 car and Jim thinks it could be serious. Tina and Dee-Dee, who know nothing about the frame of a racecar, looked at it with a tiny flashlight and weren't sure what to think. Check back for a status after Jim has a chance to look the car over in daylight. Videos of tonights races will be uploaded this weekend check back to see those as well.  

May 22, 2009 - Finally, after three weeks of rainouts, we got to go racing tonight for night number 4 at Farmer City. All this rain and no racin made for one rough and bouncy track. To start things off there was a cook-out at the bus to finish eating the left over food from graduation, that was some good eating.

There were 15 street stocks in attendance but a few did not make the races. Heat 1 had 7 cars and Jim started the 82 car 6 of 7.  After three weeks off, the 82 car did not appear to be its usual self and was unable to charge towards the front. The rough track may have had something to do with this as there was not a lot of passing in this one. Troy Dodson went onto win after starting on the pole followed by 9 Terry Miller, B Chuck Barnes, 76R Greg Rubenacker, the 82 car, 71 Darrel Lehigh, and 3D Lenny Summar.

Heat 2 had 7 cars in it and 0 Chris Tackett was able to win this won after starting 6th. He was followed by 97 Josh Griffith, 11 Jeff Semmens, 19 Scott Thrasher, 330 Chris Burton, 15c Kevin Crowder, and 7 Brandon Houser.

In the Feature, 0 Tackett and 21 Dodson start on the front row. Jim starts the 82 car 10th of 11 cars in the event. There were 2 cautions in this one and racing high, low, in the middle and 3 and 4 wide. At one point, 5 cars appeared to be racing for 2nd. Jim drove the 82 car to a 4th place finish after starting 10th. Terry Miller went on to win this one followed by: B Chuck Barnes Jr., 76R Greg Rubenacker, 82 Jim Quinn, 11 Jeff Semmens,0 Chris Tackett, 97G Josh Griffith, 21 Dodson, 19 Thrasher, 71 Lehigh, 330 Burton, and 3D Summar. 

It was great to be back at the track after three weeks off. Check back to see videos from the races last night that will uploaded some time this weekend. Enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend.


May 15, 2009 - Mother Nature wins for the third week in a row. To much rain this week, Farmer City was rained out tonight.

May 8, 2009 - Mother Nature wins agiain. To much rain this week, Farmer City was rained out tonight for the 3rd time this year.

May 1, 2009 - Mother Nature wins. To much rain this week, Farmer City was rained out tonight.

Quinn wins the feature on the HIGH side and celebrates career heat win #80!!!

April 24, 2009 - It's Friday and time for night number three at Farmer City. It was 80 degrees and a perfect night for racing. The track was in much better condition compared to last week.

In a switch of the line-up this weeks the street stocks raced 1st and there were no late models. There were 16 street stocks in two heats. Jim started the 82 car in the second row of heat one. It was a 6 car race after two cars scratched at the start. The race starts and Jim takes off for a sizable lead for the first 4 laps, then the caution comes out. The race restarts with 4 to go and the 21 of Dodson and the 289 were close on the tail of the 82.The last four laps were caution free and Jim Quinn went onto WIN followed by the 289 car, the 61 car and the 21 of Troy Dodson.  This heat race win marks the 80th career heat race win for Jim. This was celebrated with cookies on the bus after the feature.

The second heat race had 8 cars and was caution free. There was a great race for the lead in this one between 99 Krick and B Barnes. Barnes went onto win, followed by Krick and 97 Josh Griffith who started in the last row.

The feature was awesome to watch. Jim started the 82 car in the 2nd row next to 97 Griffith. B and 289 were on the front row. The Race started with the 289 car and the B car of Chuck Barnes on front row followed by 97 Griffith and 82 Quinn. Race starts and the B car takes off followed by 289 and Quinn. The first of 5 cautions comes a few laps in when the 4th place car spins off 1. A Few laps later the another spins its still B, 289, 82 at restart. A few laps later caution comes out for debris in 1&2. Same restart as before. Race a few laps caution 4 for spin in 4, Race restarts and pretty soon the B and 289 are side by side going into 4 and 289 spins bringing out cauton 5. Race restarts with just a few laps to go and its now B, 82, and 99 Krick. At restart, Jim takes the 82 to a place it doesnt visit to often and goes on the HIGH side to pass the B car with one lap to go, on the last lap 82 stays on the high side and goes on to WIN his second feature of the year at Farmer city. B Chuck Barnes finished 2nd followed by 99 Krick, 21 Dodson, 27 Hail, 71 LeHigh, 0 Tackett, 9 Miller 19 Thrasher, and 97 Griffith.

Jeff Leka, Jim Moon, and Eric Wisher were the other feature winners for the night.

We had a birthday party on the bus tonight....Happy Early Birthday Tina Quinn, her bday is Tuesday. We had cakes, presents, and craziness as all the kids and lots of their friends loaded the bus to sing happy birthday and eat cake. 

The word for the night was Karma. Quinn's towing towed a competitor to the track after his truck broke down trying to get to the track and Jim gave car parts to a competitor who needed them. See kids, good things happen when you do good things. 

The Quinn Family sends their thoughts and prayers to the family of Dallas Baker who lost his life in a car wreck earlier this week. Dallas you will be missed!

Dee-Dee has three videos she is trying to get loaded to this site, the feature and heat races from last night and the feature from last week. Be sure to check back to see those.

That's the report for this week after another great night at the track.

April 17, 2009 - It's Friday and time for night number two at Farmer City. It was a lovely 74 degrees and a perfect night for racing. The track has been reconfigured since opening night and now appears to be steeper and made for racing on the bottom. By the end of the night the track was rough and rutty making for some interesting racing.

There were approximately 20 street stocks and Jim started the 82 car 3rd in the first heat with 11 cars. The race starts and apparently there wasn't a good start because the yellow flag flew for a complete restart. The race restarts and after one lap there was a caution for the 0 car that spun. At this point 97 Josh Griffith leads followed 21 Troy Dodson and 82 Jim Quinn. The race restarts and the 97 car takes off for a sizalbe lead and goes on to win the race, followed by Dodson and Jim brought the 82 car across the line for a 3rd place finish, 23JR Joel Funk finished 4th. The 82 car was set up for a slick track and the track was not slick but rough.

In the 2nd heat, 3D Summars and 33 start on the front row. Lenny Summars takes off for the lead with the 71 right behind him and then a car spins causing a complete restart. Race restarts and 3D has the lead then another caution for a spin in 4. At this point with 6 to go 71 leads, 3D second, and 19 Thrasher 3rd. Then the 99 car moves into the lead and with 2 laps to go the caution comes out. Restart with two to go 99, 71, 9 3D, 19. 9 Terry Miller takes off from third to race for lead but another caution comes out. On the last lap restart 99, 9, 71, 3D and 19 take off and 71 spins going in 3/4. 99 Krick wins followed by 9 Miller, 3D Summars, and 19 Thraser.

Jim spends the time between the heat and feature changing shocks, tires, and other things to prepare for the feature. At feature time the 82 car starts 6th. The race starts and two laps in there is a cauton when the 0 Takett car spins. 21 Dodson leads at this point followed by 99 Krick. Race restarts and a few laps later there is another caution when the 97 Griffith car spins. At this point Jim has the 82 car in fourth and 21 Dodson leads. The race goes caution free after this and Jim moves the 82 car from fourth to second. Then the battle for the lead begins. Jim catches up with the 21 and passes him. Then the 21 passes him back, the 82 passes the 21, and this goes on for a few laps. Finally on the last lap the 21 car passes the 82 car and goes on to win. Dodson win, Jim Quinn is 2nd, Terry Miller is 3rd, and 99 Krick is 4th.

The Quinn's towing hornets also raced tonight the 72 car was drived by Matt Corray and the 72x car was driven by Rick Alwood. Both cars were in the first heat, Matt 72 started 8th and finished 4th, Rick 72x started 12th and finished 5th. In the feature, Rick in the 72x started 11th and finished 9th and Matt in the 72 started 6th and finished 10th.

It was a fun night check back to see how the 82 car does on it's next trip to the track which is scheduled to be next Friday night at Farmer City.


April 10, 2009 - Mother Nature was the only winner at Farmer City tonight. The races were rained out, not to mention it was freezing out. Check back next week, hopefully the weather will cooperate.

April 3, 2009 - Tonight was opening night at Farmer City Raceway and it was one cold night at the track. The 82 car car came out of hibernation about 2 weeks ago and Jim started getting it ready for the 09 season. The 82 car made it's first appearance at the Circles of  Hope benefit car show and took home a nice trophy. The only change to the appearance of the 82 car for the 09 season is new numbers that can be clearly seen from the track.

Tonight at FC the 82 car was one of 16 street stocks to hit the track and Jim drove the 82 car to victory in both the heat and the feature.  Here is a recap of the night for the street stocks:

Heat 1
97 G Griffth --- 19 Thrasher
11 Reed --- 20L C Thomas
0 Tackett -- 289 Sauder
N07 and 3

Race starts and before the green flag drops the 97 G car takes the lead and has it for the rest of the race. There was one caution with 4 to go when three cars crashed inbetween 3 and 4. Griffith wins followed by Reed, N07, and Thrasher.

Heat 2
61 Osbourne ---82 Quinn
95 Ewing --- 9 Miller
B Barnes --- 10M Miller
3D Summers --- 94 B Simmons

82 car takes off for the lead and is leading when the white flag flows only to have the caution come out on the last lap for a spin in 4. This turns into the worlds longest caution because a car that had left the track like three laps earlier was stuck way out on the horse track and it took a l-o-n-g time to get the car unstuck and headed back to the pits. The green and whites wave and the last lap dash is won by the 82 followed by the 61, 95, and 94.

The 82 car is a little hot after the heat and the white steam was flowing from the engine area after the race, Jim and his Dad spent lots of time prepping the 82 car for the feature while the girls in the pits, Tina and Dee-Dee, head for the nice warm tow truck.  After the races it was determined that the 82 car needs a new radiator cap to prevent future steaming episodes.

All the hard work preparing for the feature paid off when Jim drove the 82 car to victory lane for the first feature win of the year at Farmer City. Here is a feature re-cap:

Feature has 12 cars at the start and 82 Quinn and 97 Griffith are on the front row. Race starts and the 82 takes off and leads the whole thing to win the first ss feature of the year. There was one caution and the race in this one was for 2nd. In the end, 97 Griffith is second, 95 Ewing third, and 94 Simmons fourth.

It was a great start to the 2009 racing season, hopefully next week will be a little warmer.


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